The HOME Menu

  • 1 Menu Bar
    Change the system display settings.
    Other options and settings.
    Change the language of the HOME Menu.
    Note: Games are in English only.
    Legal Notices
    Legal Notices and other legal documents.
    Manuals accessible through your smart device.
  • 2Game List
    1P1-Player game
    2P2-Player Alternating game
    2P2-Player Simultaneous game
    Empty Slot
    A saved Suspend Point slot
    A locked Suspend Point slot

    You can sort the Game Titles by pressing SELECT, and selecting your sort criteria. Sorting by Recently Played or by Times Played is really handy as it will bring your most frequently played games to the top of the list. If you enjoy playing 2-Player games, sorting by 2-Player Simultaneous→2-Player Alternating→1-Player Only is a good way to go.

  • 3Suspend Point (Unsaved)

    Pressing RESET while playing a game will create a Suspend Point (Unsaved).
    Note: Pressing RESET will not initiate a soft reset like it did with the original system.
    Pressing RESET will close the game and return you to the HOME Menu.
    If you don't save the Suspend Point, you will have to start from the beginning when you next play the game.

Viewing the Suspend Point List

  • 4Suspend Point (Saved)

    This is a saved Suspend Point.
    Press SELECT to move it, and to delete it.

  • 5Lock

    This is a locked Suspend Point.
    Select a Suspend Point from the list, and press DOWN to lock it.

  • 6Save Slots

    Each game can have up to 4 saved Suspend Points.

How to Save a Suspend Point

Interruption Point

Pressing RESET while playing a game will automatically create an unsaved Suspend Point.
Press to display the Suspend Point, and press A to save it in an available slot. Hold A to overwrite a previously saved Suspend Point.

Menu Features


Home Menu
CRT filter
Adds scan lines and changes the color of the display to emulate the feel of a CRT television.
Changes the display to the original 4:3 aspect ratio of the game.
Pixel Perfect
Displays the game with square pixels.


Displays a demo of the game if the system doesn't detect any input for a certain length of time.
Saves the game in progress and shuts down the system if the system doesn't detect any input for 1 hour.
Screen Burn-In Reduction
Darkens the screen if the system doesn't detect any input for 1 hour.



Read the displayed QR code with your smartphone or tablet to get the manual for the game.