Warning About Overwriting Save Data

Creating a suspend point in backup-supported games will save not only your current progress, but also your latest save data. This means that restarting from a suspend point in a backup-supported game will overwrite your save data with save data stored in that suspend point.


In the above example, restarting from the suspend point will overwrite the regular save data with suspend point data.

Creating another suspend point will also save your most recent save data (Stage 21 Complete) within the suspend point data. Even if you restart from a different suspend point and your progress is overwritten, you can use the first suspend point to restore your most recent save data (Stage 21 Complete).

To make sure you do not lose your progress, it is recommended that, in addition to saving the game normally, you also create a suspend point with the save data you want to keep.


A warning will be displayed if you select a suspend point which would overwrite the in-game save data.
Before resuming play from that suspend point, please make sure that it is fine for your save data to be overwritten.

Please take extra care when loading suspend points if the console is used by multiple people. There are four suspend points, so it may be a good idea to decide in advance who saves where to prevent your data from being overwritten by another player.