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Business Partner Relations

What is Nintendo's view on business partner relations?

We place great importance on building strong relationships with all of our various business partners, so that we can offer better products and services to our consumers.

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What is the fabless production model?

This refers to a business model in which a company does not own in-house production facilities and instead consigns manufacturing to external production partners. Nintendo employs a fabless production model in producing our main products, including gaming systems and accessories.

For more information about how we ensure safety and improve product quality in our fabless production system, please see this page.

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What is CSR procurement?

CSR procurement is the practice of encouraging production partners to promote CSR by not only considering the Green Procurement Standards (for procuring parts for gaming systems and accessories in a way that considers the environment and safety), but also the CSR initiatives of production partners (including legal compliance, respect for human rights and responsible mineral procurement) as a basis for conducting business transactions.

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How does Nintendo verify its production partners' performance on CSR?

What is Nintendo's approach to responsible mineral procurement?