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Community Relations

What is Nintendo's view on contributing to the community?

We are committed to being a corporate citizen that is valued by society and is recognized for our unique contributions.


In addition to those mentioned in the CSR Report, what other kinds of community support/activities does Nintendo engage in?

We engage in various activities that are based on the unique policies and are relevant to the characteristics of each local community. For example:

Nintendo of America has established a dedicated organization for charitable activities called the NGiving Committee. This voluntary group is composed of employees from across the organization who together help plan and manage events to support a wide range of organizations. Nintendo of America offers the Employee Matching Gifts Program, in which Nintendo of America will match, dollar-for-dollar or product-for-product, employee donations to charitable organizations of the employee's choice.

Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Canada support the United Way, an organization that works on improving the quality of life for the most vulnerable in society.

Nintendo of Europe in Germany supports numerous charitable organizations and educational institutions, and, in particular, proactively supports various special projects that support children.

Since fiscal year 2010, Nintendo of Europe has been supporting summer camps for children from disadvantaged families, which are hosted by Philipp Lahm, the former captain of Germany's national soccer team.

Nintendo of Europe also loans software and video game systems to hospitals for children who need to stay there for long periods.

Nintendo Ibérica (Spain), Nintendo Benelux (Netherlands) and Nintendo of Europe’s Italy branch regularly donate Nintendo products to various children's hospitals for use by ill children.

Nintendo Australia also provides continued support to the Starlight Children's Foundation, and it also provides year-10 school children (approximately aged 15 - 16) with work experience programs to help them make career choices.

In fiscal year 2017, Nintendo Australia once again provided software and video game systems to a library for their playroom to help families play games together and deepen communication.

Please refer to the Bringing Smiles to the Community section of the CSR Report 2018 website for other activities.


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