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Nintendo aims to be a responsible corporate citizen that is valued by society and recognized for our unique contributions. We engage in a variety of activities complementary to each local community.

Continuous Support for the Starlight Children's Foundation

  • Nintendo of America Inc.
  • Nintendo of Canada Ltd.
  • Nintendo of Europe GmbH (U.K.)
  • Nintendo Australia Pty Limited

Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Canada, Nintendo of Europe (U.K.) and Nintendo Australia have long-standing partnerships with the Starlight Children's Foundation (referred to as “Starlight” below), a non-profit organization that provides support to seriously ill children who require long-term care and to their families.

Since 1992, Nintendo of America has partnered with Starlight to deliver smiles to seriously ill kids and their families through our line of Starlight Gaming Stations. Gaming Stations are entertainment devices that combine a Nintendo video game system with a TV and can be freely moved around a hospital. They can also be used beside a bed, so that the children can enjoy games with family and friends to reduce their anxiety levels while in the hospital and help them to feel more at-home.

We have used a variety of Nintendo game systems in these devices, and, in 2019, Nintendo of America expanded the line to include the Nintendo Switch Gaming Handheld, featuring Nintendo Switch Lite. This new addition to the Starlight Gaming program allows children to play video games in areas of hospitals that may not have room for the traditional unit.


Since the launch of Nintendo Switch, Nintendo of America employees designed and built 300 Nintendo Switch Gaming Stations and more than 350 Nintendo Switch Gaming Handhelds for Starlight to place in their network of hospitals in the U.S. and Canada.

Nintendo of America employees continue to support the Starlight Gaming program by providing technical support to hospital staff and Child Life Specialists*1 by phone and e-mail. Team members help to troubleshoot issues, send out parts and help ensure Gaming Stations stay playable for many years.

Since launching the partnership around 30 years ago, Starlight and Nintendo of America have delivered more than 7,200 Starlight Gaming Stations to hundreds of hospitals across North America, helping to bring smiles to more than 10 million seriously ill children.

Nintendo of Europe (U.K.) has also continued to work closely with Starlight throughout 2021 to reach our target of providing 1,200 Starlight Gaming Bundles to hospitals and hospices across the U.K. To date we have delivered over 500. Each Gaming Bundle includes a refurbished*2 Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS, plus two pieces of software. In a Starlight feedback survey of healthcare professionals at the locations where the bundles were donated, over 80% of responders agreed the Bundles create a positive hospital experience for children, relieve boredom and reduce anxiety. It is estimated that children and young people have played on a Starlight Gaming Bundle over 90,000 times.

Nintendo Australia partners with Starlight to provide Nintendo hardware and software to all Starlight rooms in children’s hospitals around Australia. We also have continued to offer support through donations of hardware, software and accessories to Starlight Wish Granting, a program designed to fulfill children’s wishes based on their unique needs, as well as to other Starlight events. In addition, in FY 2021, Nintendo Australia joined in Starlight’s new Go BIG Challenge, in which participants can Walk, Run or Roll as far as they can over a two-week period while raising funds for Starlight. Staff, family and friends of Nintendo Australia took up the challenge and covered over 600 km together.

*1 Child Life Specialist
A specialist who provides psychological and social care to children in the hospital and their families.
*2 Refurbished
Refurbished products are used products that have been remanufactured and reused in order to promote circular use of resources.

“Starlight is proud to call Nintendo of America our partner. When COVID-19 hit in March 2020, hospitalized kids found themselves more isolated and scared than ever before. The thousands of Starlight Nintendo Gaming stations in hospitals across the country brought much-needed happiness, distraction and entertainment to these kids and their families.”

Adam Garone
CEO, Starlight Children's Foundation (U.S.)

Exhibit at a Learning Facility in Kyoto

  • Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan)

Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan) collaborates on a Kyoto Manufacturers' Hall of Creativity/Workshop program run by the Kyoto Board of Education for elementary school students with a booth exhibit in the Kyoto Manufacturers' Hall of Creativity. In the booth, there is information explaining the technology used in our video game systems and the jobs involved to create software so that students can learn about our approach to product creation. We have received positive feedback from the children visiting the booth.


Cooperation with Game Industry Educational Programs

  • Nintendo of Europe GmbH (U.K.)

Nintendo of Europe (U.K.) is the lead partner of the not-for-profit program, Digital Schoolhouse, which is delivered by Ukie, a U.K. game industry organization, and provides support, including gaming systems and software to enable in-classroom programming lessons that feature games. This program for students offers opportunities to familiarize themselves with game programming and learn about teamwork through a variety of play-based educational experiences.

For example, there are workshops designed for elementary school students in a range of categories such as “Algorithms and Programming” and “Communication and the Internet.” Schools or teachers who would like to use the workshop material in their classes can download resources from the Digital Schoolhouse website. Digital Schoolhouse also offers workshops taught by specialists.

Support for an Ovarian Cancer Patients' Association

  • Nintendo of Canada Ltd.

For seven consecutive years, Nintendo of Canada has participated in the Ovarian Cancer Canada (OCC) Walk of Hope. Held in 2021 as a virtual event where participants could walk on their own or with family and friends in their local neighborhood, the Walk brings communities together to raise funds to help women with ovarian cancer and all at risk of the disease to live fuller, better and longer lives. More than 30% of our employees raised funds in support of the initiative.

Nintendo of Canada supported all OCC walks nationwide by providing Nintendo Switch prize packages to promote youth participation at each event, and also teamed up with the Nintendo Cares program to do fundraising for the cause.

Community Outreach Through Nintendo Cares

  • Nintendo of America Inc.

Nintendo of America has a dedicated community engagement program called Nintendo Cares, which supports both employee-giving and volunteerism.

In 2021, to help our communities, Nintendo of America employees made donations in support of more than 1,000 U.S.-based non-profit organizations. Additionally, they volunteered nearly 2,000 hours combined for 77 non-profits during the year.   

Nintendo of America also continued the Dollars for Doers program, which contributes to non-profits for the time spent volunteering based on an hourly rate of pay, leveraging the efforts of each employee to give back to the community.

On top of the financial donations and volunteering, Nintendo of America employees helped non-profits by supporting donation drives to purchase goods like backpacks and coats for students in need, food for low-income families’ Thanksgiving meals and toys for sick or disadvantaged children during the holidays. These virtual donation drives were held in support of a number of non-profit partners near our Washington, California and New York operations.

Summer Learning Classes for Programming

  • Nintendo of America Inc.

In summer 2021, Nintendo of America supported two partnerships, one with Girls Make Games (GMG) and another with the National Summer Learning Association (NSLA), to show how fun it is to learn how to create video games. GMG hosts a series of summer camps, workshops and game jams to inspire the next generation of designers, creators and engineers, while the NSLA is a national, non-profit organization focused on investing in summer learning to help kids return to school in the fall ready to succeed.

Nintendo of America hosted special workshops during the GMG summer camps focused on its June 2021 released Nintendo Switch title, Game Builder Garage, which allows anyone to learn about and build their own video games. Several of the GMG participants created their own games in Game Builder Garage, and these games were featured on our Instagram channel. The ongoing partnership with GMG helps contribute to interest in careers in gaming, building a more inclusive industry.

Nintendo of America was also the main sponsor for STEM Day during the NSLA’s National Summer Learning Week, a celebration dedicated to elevating the importance of keeping kids learning, active and engaged through the summer months. Nintendo of America helped support the STEM Day portion of the week-long virtual program by showing Game Builder Garage to educators and policy makers as a way to reach kids interested in learning how to make games through the software’s interactive lessons.

For additional regional community relations activities, please refer to our Q&A About Nintendo's CSR: Community Relations.