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Putting Smiles on the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches

Nintendo's CSR

Putting Smiles on the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches

Nintendo’s CSR Philosophy

Our CSR goal is to put smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches. While considering the social conditions surrounding Nintendo, we strive to promote our CSR activities by complying with laws and regulations, developing high-quality products, respecting human rights, addressing environmental issues and leveraging the characteristics of our products so that we can satisfy the expectations of our stakeholders as a company that puts smiles on the faces of everyone through entertainment.

Nintendo’s Four CSR Priority Areas

To put smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches, we have set four priority areas – “consumers,” “supply chain,” “employees” and “environment” – to promote our CSR activities.

We identify our priority areas by pinpointing issues based on international standards such as the GRI Standards, determining priorities according to two axes (social impact and impact on Nintendo) and gaining feedback from outside experts. After consensus on the priority areas is reached with management in charge of CSR in each country, they are reported to executive management.

We will continue to promote our CSR activities in each of these four priority areas and revise them as necessary by examining the conditions annually so that we can flexibly respond to social and environmental changes.


We must provide safe and high-quality products so that our consumers can play with peace of mind.

  • Trustworthy products and services
  • Consumer privacy

For more information, please see the Consumers page.

Supply Chain

Promoting CSR activities throughout our supply chain allows us to improve working conditions for those employed at production sites, leading to higher product quality that, in turn, brings more smiles to our consumers. Nintendo will continue to work together with our production partners, focusing on communication and mutual understanding, to deliver smiles throughout our entire supply chain.

  • CSR procurement

For more information, please see the Supply Chain page.


We employ people with a wide variety of unique talents, who all work to bring smiles to everyone they interact with. It is crucial that we, as a global company, create a work environment that empowers our employees, who are the source of our competitive edge.

  • Diversity

For more information, please see the Employees page.


In response to society's expectations and to pass on a better environment to future generations, Nintendo is not only exercising care with our office environment, but also embarking on various initiatives to reduce the environmental impact of our products. These initiatives span everything from the design stage to post-sales repair and support and continue through to recycling.

  • Climate change
  • Efficient use of resources

For more information, please see the Environment page.

Program for Promoting CSR Activities

Nintendo established the CSR Promotion Project Team to coordinate, support and promote CSR activities while collaborating with the entire group. To advance our CSR activities globally, we also established CSR promotion teams and CSR promotion leads at our main subsidiaries outside of Japan. Information about the status of activities in each country is shared among the groups, and there is a mechanism for reporting to executive management at Nintendo Co., Ltd. when the need arises.

CSR Promotion System

As part of the activities conducted at our subsidiaries outside of Japan, in Europe, in addition to the CSR team in Germany where the Nintendo of Europe headquarters is located, the teams in France, Spain, Italy, the U.K. and Benelux all work toward Nintendo’s CSR goals, initiating local CSR activities such as collaborations with non-governmental organizations on various events and volunteer activities in which employees can participate.

Global CSR Meeting

We regularly hold meetings to bring together those who are responsible for and in charge of the CSR initiatives in each country. At these meetings, we report on the progress status of CSR topics and exchange ideas based on this.

Raising Internal Awareness

CSR staff in each region regularly exchange opinions and engage in a variety of activities to ensure that every employee understands the importance of CSR.

At Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan), we hold seminars for new recruits to promote understanding of and support for CSR.

Nintendo of America's CSR Committee plays a central role in training new employees and regularly issuing information through the company’s internal network.

At Nintendo of Europe, information on the CSR Committee, the CSR Subcommittees for Environmental, Diversity, Procurement and Social Contribution, and their activities is presented to all new employees in employee onboarding sessions. In late 2021, our CSR Head Committee conducted a survey of our employees across Europe to learn more about their awareness of and interest in various CSR topics. The survey results provided insights into how we can continue to shape a CSR approach in Europe that is meaningful for everyone. In addition, for the purposes of information sharing and raising awareness of CSR issues, the CSR Committee regularly provides and updates descriptions of our CSR activities on the internal company network.

The CSR Committee at Nintendo Australia aims to raise employee interest in CSR by providing opportunities to join in local community events and conducting CSR training for new recruits.

Communication With Everyone Nintendo Touches

Nintendo engages with a variety of stakeholders, and our business activities affect society in diverse ways. To put smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches, we communicate with all our stakeholders and appropriately disclose information.

Everyone Nintendo Touches
Our Stakeholders Activities Communication Methods
To ensure that our consumers can enjoy our products comfortably at all times, we implement mechanisms to respond to consumers and strive to continually create even higher-quality products by learning from their feedback. Customer service centers, repair and maintenance centers, retailers, Nintendo corporate websites, online inquiry services, counterfeit product reporting services, the CSR Information site, etc.
Supply Chain
We work to create positive relationships with our various business partners, striving to create an environment that can provide our consumers with better products. CSR procurement, Nintendo CSR Procurement Guidelines, CSR Factory Verifications, third-party audits, the CSR Information site, etc.
We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment where every employee can take advantage of their strengths and realize their maximum potential. President's address, code of conduct, employee handbook, training, periodic evaluations, health consultation rooms, information sharing via internal company networks, the CSR Information site, etc.
To put smiles on the faces of future generations, including children, we recognize it is our responsibility to pass on a better environment for the future. We are committed to maximizing global environmental protection in our product design processes and in our business activities. ISO 14001 certification, green procurement, chemical substance control, the CSR Information site, etc.
We are committed to being a responsible corporate citizen that is valued by society through our unique contributions. Social contribution programs, the CSR Information site, etc.
Shareholders and Investors
We strive to maximize our corporate value and build trusting relationships with our shareholders and investors to create long-term relationships through returns on profit and the disclosure of information in a timely and appropriate manner. Convocation notices, general meetings of shareholders, financial results briefings, corporate management policy briefings, Nintendo corporate websites, annual report, annual securities report, corporate governance report, the CSR Information site, etc.