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Putting Smiles on the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches

Working to build an environment where each and every employee can realize their potential.

We are committed to creating and maintaining an environment where all employees can take advantage of their strengths and realize their maximum potential.

Nintendo of America B@ND members taking part in an event to celebrate African-American history (2020)

Promoting a Diverse Work Environment

Respecting Diversity and Equal Opportunity

At Nintendo, we respect human rights and hire talent, regardless of sex, age, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity. We practice fair treatment and evaluation of employees based on the skills they demonstrate, supporting them to perform to the best of their ability. As our consumers' interests and preferences continue to diversify in the world of entertainment, leveraging a diverse workforce is crucial for raising the collective strength of the company.

In September 2018, we formulated the Nintendo Human Rights Policy, with reference to the United Nations Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. This policy was adopted by a Board of Directors decision after receiving advice from an external expert. All employees are notified of the policy, which is included in the codes of conduct and compliance manuals for each country. It is also introduced to new employees of Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan), as part of their training. Training on human rights is also conducted at our overseas subsidiaries. For example, at Nintendo of America, employees receive annual training on our Code of Business Conduct. Nintendo of America also conducts ongoing training and education on human rights for employees engaged with our supply chain and business partners. At Nintendo of Europe, in addition to training for new employees on the Code of Conduct, all employees receive training on Germany’s General Equal Treatment Act.*1 Nintendo Australia also regularly provides training on the Australian Modern Slavery Act*2 for all employees.

Nintendo Human Rights Policy

*1 General Equal Treatment Act
Legislation governing the prevention and elimination of discrimination based on race, religion, age, disability and sexual orientation.
*2 Modern slavery act
Laws that are enforced (in European countries including the U.K., and in Australia, etc.) to inhibit companies from becoming involved in modern slavery such as human trafficking, forced labor and sexual exploitation.
Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Introduction of a Partnership System

At Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan), we want to create a work environment that supports and empowers each and every one of our unique employees.

We introduced the Partnership System in March 2021 as one initiative based on this philosophy. Although same-sex marriages are not currently recognized under Japanese law, this system ensures employees who are in a domestic partnership with a same-sex partner have the same benefits as employees in an opposite-sex marriage. We have also established that a common-law marriage between couples will be observed in the same way as a legal marriage.

In the Code of Conduct for our employees, we had already established that “we do not discriminate based on race, ethnicity, nationality, ideology, religion, creed, origin, social status, class, occupation, gender, age, disability, sexual orientation, or gender identity,” prohibiting all forms of discrimination. In addition to introducing the Partnership System, we revised our internal regulations regarding harassment to clearly prohibit discriminatory comments based on sexual orientation or gender identity, as well as disclosing someone's privately held sexual orientation against their will.

Alongside the introduction of the Partnership System in Japan, we notified our employees about the issue of gender diversity with a message from our President as a means of raising awareness of what diversity means. In this message, the President called for all employees to adopt a renewed understanding that even speech and actions, which are not intended to harm, can cause significant emotional pain, asking for understanding and support to create an environment in which everyone can work comfortably.

By improving our company systems and conducting training, we will continue our work to create an environment where each of our many diverse employees can fully realize their talents.

Nintendo of America Inc.
Supporting Employees' Development and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Nintendo of America has provided a variety of virtual learning and engagement opportunities for employees. We offered employees a self-serve online education platform that provided optional video courses taught by industry experts in areas related to software, creative and business fields.

We also continue to offer Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) resources, including our ongoing “Disrupting Everyday Bias” virtual course, which helps employees understand how to identify unconscious biases and address them in everyday life.

In 2020, we hosted a variety of special forums in which attendees were able to share and listen to a wide range of personal and professional stories. Employees were exposed to a number of perspectives and conversations that helped deepen awareness of and appreciation for our different life experiences.

Employees were also invited to participate in a learning program to better understand how to engage in active practices designed to eliminate racism in all its forms. Hundreds of Nintendo of America employees participated and committed to taking action on a daily basis.

Employee Comment
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Like Corporate Social Responsibility, DEI is more than the work of a single person or team. Our DEI work took a significant leap forward in 2015 when Nintendo of America employees came together to create our Employee Resource Groups (ERG). Around this time, we also organized and began acting on our first official “Diversity and Inclusion” strategy. It was largely people-focused, centered on recruiting, and continued to support the development of our ERGs.

In 2020, we launched a new program, the “Forum for Understanding.” The Forum became a space to build trust through listening and learning. One conversation led to another, and today, our DEI Forums have become an avenue for ongoing learning as we share new perspectives.

We’ve also assembled a group of Nintendo of America leaders responsible for various aspects of DEI as part of their everyday duties. This DEI Council works with our Executive Leadership Team to ensure close alignment with the organization’s overall business objectives, and helps support and promote our DEI strategy.

Nintendo of America’s DEI strategy is organized into three pillars: People, Product and Process. These pillars help focus our DEI work and touch all areas, including how we recruit and invest in our employees, how we contribute to creating products that can be enjoyed by our many diverse consumers, and how we drive connections that help facilitate our DEI activities across the business.

People, Product, Process – three simple words, but in practice, concepts that require tremendous thoughtfulness and diligence. Going forward, we will continue broadening and deepening our efforts in each of these areas, integrating DEI principles into our business strategies and goals, and supporting the communities in which we live.

Robyn Corr
Human Resources
Nintendo of America Inc.
Nintendo of America Inc.
Initiatives for Diversity Through Employee Resource Groups

At Nintendo of America, we have established Employee Resource Groups (ERG) to drive initiatives that encourage mutual understanding and fellowship among our employees in which they come together based on their shared backgrounds, experiences and interests. These various groups support activities that promote DEI.

One ERG, Black at Nintendo Dialogue (B@ND), works to champion inclusivity through community outreach, employee engagement and talent acquisition. B@ND researches and creates volunteer opportunities for Nintendo of America and its employees to engage with the Black community and raise awareness of the company's DEI commitment.

In FY 2021, B@ND engaged in a variety of activities, including sponsoring charitable giving campaigns that featured the Northwest African American Museum (Seattle), Museum of Contemporary African Diasporan Arts (New York) and Museum of the African Diaspora (San Francisco). In 2021, complementing the Black History Month campaign theme of “Mind, Body and Soul,” B@ND focused on total wellness through activities that included boxing, dancing, cooking and health screenings offered in partnership with the onsite employee clinic. The month’s activities also featured a webinar discussion with Look, Listen and Learn, an organization that produces television programming aimed at elevating the importance of diverse representation in education.

In addition, B@ND provides opportunities and platforms for employees to have open conversations around DEI-related events and topics. Monthly meetings offer an opportunity to discuss a variety of topics ranging from popular culture, music artists and prominent issues in health and wellness such as mental health and the impact of COVID-19 in the Black community. To commemorate the celebration of Juneteenth on June 19, B@ND led activities that educated employees on the significance of the holiday and how they too could celebrate through food, fun and connection.

In support of diverse talent acquisition, B@ND attends recruiting events, such as AfroTech and the Game Developers of Color Conference, to increase the pipeline of diverse candidates.

Promoting Women’s Careers at Nintendo

Nintendo recruits and promotes employees regardless of gender or other factors. Empowering women is one important way to make the company more competitive, and since the software industry is said to include fewer women in general, we recognize the importance of creating an environment where female employees can give full play to their abilities. We are developing systems suited to the specific circumstances in each country.

Nintendo of America Inc.
Creating Opportunities for Women

At Nintendo of America, our employees come together based on their shared backgrounds, experiences and interests to create a variety of Employee Resource Groups (ERG). These ERGs work to support initiatives that promote DEI. One of our ERGs, Nintendo Women and Allies, continues to support female employees by offering a variety of empowering opportunities to, by and for women.

In 2021, professional development and wellness were key areas of focus for Nintendo Women and Allies. Beginning with Women’s History Month, the group embarked on a four-step learning journey inspired by the theme “Challenge Your Development.” Participants were encouraged to consider their future career goals, identify the skills and experience they need to be ready for opportunities, create a vision and action plan, and connect with others for feedback, mentoring and support. Development areas explored by the group were supported by women in management positions. Nintendo Women and Allies also partnered with fitness and nutrition experts to inspire healthy habits during a wellness campaign week for all employees. This included virtual exercise classes, mindfulness practices and cooking classes. The group also promoted a Women in Government (WIG) panel discussion on Building the Next Generation of STEAM Leaders that was sponsored by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA).

In addition, Nintendo Women and Allies partnered with Human Resources to produce a new Perspectives on Race Forum: Exploring Identity and Intersectionality, which explored the effect of being both a woman and a person of color. The employee panelists were women who carry multiple identities and the discussion helped raise awareness about the many dimensions of what it means to be a woman and the impact that race and gender may have when they intersect.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Policy on Promoting Women's Careers

Based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace enacted in April 2016 in Japan, Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan) achieved its goal in FY 2020 of increasing by 5% the cumulative percentage of female hires from the prior five years (FY 2011 to FY 2015, roughly 20%) in the following five years, which started in FY 2016. With the revised Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace that was enacted in April 2020, we are starting new initiatives to increase the total percentage of female full-time employees hired or promoted to at least 30% over five years, starting in FY 2021.

Balancing Work and Personal Life (Work-Life Balance)

At Nintendo, to help employees effectively maintain balance between work and their personal lives, we work to enhance and promote the use of our related systems, while striving to provide an environment that enables employees to exercise their talents fully.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan) is proactively expanding systems to support child-rearing and encouraging our male employees to use parental leave. Our overseas subsidiaries also strive to enhance their systems to provide a comfortable working environment. For more information about the initiatives of our overseas subsidiaries, refer to our Q&A About Nintendo's CSR: Employee Relations.

Employee Comment
Human Resources Management Philosophy

When I started working at Nintendo of Europe around 20 years ago, I already had two young children – and during that time, the company was always flexible when my kids were sick and I had to take care of them. Now, as Director of Human Resources, it is essential to me that we continue to build a workplace that allows our employees to integrate their work and private life. We strive to have an inclusive work culture that empowers everyone, and we are an equal-opportunities employer, where everyone is welcome in the Nintendo family regardless of gender, ethnicity, ableness or sexual orientation. There’s room for everyone.

Similarly, it’s important to us that we develop the talent that our employees have. We believe in giving people responsibility early in their career with Nintendo and that they will grow through their contribution in their role. Our Human Resources team also organizes dedicated trainings for employees who develop into a managerial role to foster our leadership culture in the company.

We also put a great focus on being in touch with talented individuals who are just starting their career and who may have not yet heard of the possibilities at Nintendo of Europe. That is why we visit recruiting fairs and cooperate with local universities to advise about potential opportunities at our company.

We’re very proud of the services that our Human Resources team provides to our employees and that we are their trusted point of contact for all questions they have about their work at Nintendo. This includes answering questions about work time and payslips but also having an open ear for more individual questions and concerns.

Our goals are building a great workplace for everyone at Nintendo of Europe and bringing smiles to our employees’ faces.

Christiane Rückert
Human Resources Department
Nintendo of Europe GmbH
Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Policy for Supporting Work-Life Balance

Under the revised Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace that was enacted in April 2020, we are maintaining our goal of 100% use of maternity leave by women and increasing our goal for the percentage of men utilizing paternity leave to 50% or more in terms of cumulative totals over the next five years, starting in FY 2021. Beginning in June 2019, as part of these measures, we have been working to promote individual awareness of our parental leave system and other initiatives for employees who submit a childbirth notice and encourage them to take parental leave. Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan) also introduced a system in September 2019 for all our work sites that allows each person to control the start and end times of their workday by setting the hours of 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. as the core work time. This is intended to promote a positive work-life balance among employees, improve work efficiency and productivity, and to help us respond to changes in the environment surrounding Nintendo. At the same time, we introduced a working shift interval system that guarantees a gap of at least nine hours between the end of a workday and the start of work the following day.

How Our System Supports Employees' Work-Life Balance (Nintendo Co., Ltd. in Japan only)
  • Childcare Leave
    Up to two years after childbirth
    Up to three years for full-time general career track employees
  • Elder Care Leave
    Up to six months per dependent
    Up to 36 months for full-time general career track employees
  • Reduced Hours for Childcare
    Work-hour reduction of up to two hours per day until the employee's children finish the third year of elementary school (approximately age nine)
    Available to full-time general career track employees with children through elementary school
  • Overseas Spouse Leave
    Up to five years of leave for employees accompanying a spouse working overseas
  • Short-term Childcare Leave
    Up to five days a year of childcare leave per child until the end of their third year of elementary school, with no limit for the number of children
    Until the end of their sixth year of elementary school for full-time general career track employees
  • Reemployment System
    Reemployment of individuals who previously had chosen to resign for the purpose of providing extended child or family care
  • Refresh Leave System
    Offers special holidays to employees who have worked for a certain number of years
  • Annual Paid Leave Extension System
    Employees are entitled to retain and use unused paid leave up to a certain limit
  • Half-day Paid Leave Program
    Employees can take half-day paid leave within their total number of days awarded annually, with no limitations on the number of times or other conditions
  • Special Childcare Leave
    For employees accompanying a spouse who works within Japan and far from their place of residence, up to three years of leave may be taken until the end of their child's sixth year of elementary school
  • In addition to the above, we have implemented all systems established by law.
Employee Comment
Creating Systems to Respond to Changes in the Environment Surrounding Nintendo

One of the sources of Nintendo's competitive edge is the close communication among employees and the goals set for each department to achieve. When we introduced the new work system, it was important for us to preserve these strengths while responding to the changing environment surrounding Nintendo.

As an example, there is an increasing amount of work in developing games and operating a business that absolutely must be done regardless of time zone, such as communicating with countries outside of Japan and responding to network issues. At the same time, Nintendo has many employees who require childcare and elder care, so we needed a system that makes working easier.

We implemented a system in Japan on a company-wide basis in September 2019 by which employees can manage their own arrival and departure times by having the hours of 9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. as the core work time. This is one of the initiatives aimed at assisting employees to be the best they can be while dealing with a changing environment and individual circumstances. Since the introduction of the system, employees have appreciated the increased ease of adjusting their work schedule when dealing with international time differences, and also appreciated the flexibility in picking up and dropping off children and elderly family members for childcare and elder care.

We will continue to preserve Nintendo's strengths while simultaneously creating an environment in which our employees can use the full extent of their abilities.

Suguru Matsuo
Human Resources Department
Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Creation of a Parents' Roundtable

One way that Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan) supports child-rearing is through a dedicated roundtable discussion held twice a year for female employees who are raising children. The theme of these discussions is life and work after returning from childcare leave. In order to make it possible for employees to balance child-rearing and work, we see a need to go beyond establishing systematic support. We must also provide a place where employees in the same situation can share a variety of information and consult with one another.

The 2021 child-rearing roundtable discussions were held online, with around 40 people in attendance, including some employees who were on childcare leave. Participants received advice from senior colleagues and talked about child-rearing challenges and work-life balance.

Similar to previous years, participants left favorable feedback regarding the discussions. We plan to continue these roundtables while striving to create a better environment that is conducive to balancing child-rearing and work.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Secure Employment for Older Employees

Starting in March 2022, Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan) introduced a new workstyle system to support employees in being able to continue working in a way that complements their personal circumstances such as family or health, as well as design their post-retirement life in a way that suits their diverse values. Our full-time main career track employees 50 years of age or older can now choose to work flexibly based on personal preference by utilizing the system to take three days off a week and shorten daily work hours. By also allowing a broader range of concurrent and second jobs, and supporting outside activities such as hobbies, Nintendo provides employees with opportunities to increase their future options. In addition, we are planning to offer generation-specific training through which we work together to devise future life plans at each milestone age and raise awareness of the systems that Human Resources offers.

Talent Cultivation and Development

Nintendo’s competitive edge comes from the strengths and talents of each and every one of our employees. We believe that leveraging their abilities to the fullest enhances the long-term collective strength of the company and also increases the enthusiasm of everyone working at Nintendo.

Nintendo Ideals for Employees

In order to bring smiles to the faces of people from all around the world through entertainment, Nintendo has established the Nintendo Ideals for Employees.

In addition, at Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan), we have distributed the Nintendo Standards of Behavior, which constitutes the policy for all actions at Nintendo, to all employees. These guidelines include the Nintendo Code of Conduct, basic rules we should uphold as members of society, and the Nintendo DNA – the spirit and strength of our cherished heritage.

Our overseas subsidiaries, upon sharing the principles among the management of each company, have also implemented their own codes of conduct for their employees, which are adapted to the cultures of their respective countries.

Nintendo DNA
  • Originality
    Nintendo's purpose is to continue providing new entertainment and unique experiences. We place great value on providing consumers with original products and services that surprise them by being different in interesting ways. We will never stop pursuing this goal and will continue to take on new challenges.
  • Flexibility
    The company cannot survive unless we respond dynamically to the constantly changing world. If the conditions and environment change, the optimal approach will change accordingly. We must respond flexibly to changes by thinking outside the box and not simply relying on what has worked in the past.
  • Sincerity
    Accumulating trust can create great change. We must never be conceited or forget to be humble, and always do our best. In order to develop, we try to learn from our experiences each day.

Talent Development

It is no small task to adapt to extreme changes in the surrounding environment while valuing the spirit of originality based on the belief that the “true value of entertainment lies in its uniqueness” and continuing to provide products and services that people will be surprised and delighted by. In order to continue to create an unprecedented level of fun, at Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan), we strive to cultivate individuals who act independently as active participants, continue to challenge themselves while flexibly handling change, and are able to gain understanding from and empathize with others around them.

In addition to internal training for different experience levels, starting with new hire training, and training that emphasizes practical experience in various departments, we also provide opportunities for employees to attend external seminars as needed. We also hold managerial training for newly appointed managers, anti-harassment training for all employees, human rights training for new hires, and language training for employees who will be transferred overseas.

Also, Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan) aims to achieve a structure that encourages cycles of growth for each employee and the company as a whole. To provide long-term competency development, we've established a system where employees look back periodically on their work experiences, analyze their strengths and areas with room for improvement, think about what they can do going forward to develop their strengths and demonstrate their abilities, put that all together, and have a dialog with their supervisors about it. This helps employees develop their abilities in the long term.

Additionally, at Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan), we have established department introduction pages on our company intranet to help employees understand the work that is done in the company and consider their own career path and how our different tasks interconnect. The pages introduce the duties of each department, the knowledge and skills gained through doing the work of that department, and career path examples.

We also strive to provide substantial training with a targeted purpose outside of Japan. At Nintendo of Europe, for example, employees with many different native languages work together, so we offer support to help our employees communicate more easily through training in English, which is used as a common language, as well as Japanese and German.

At Nintendo of America, job openings are posted internally on the company intranet for all employees to access and review, and they are able to learn about various jobs and begin a discussion with a recruiter or a hiring manager to learn more. Interview and assessment processes are in place to ensure each employee receives fair consideration for the role(s) they apply to.

All position openings at Nintendo of Europe are posted on the company intranet, where any employee can view them and apply. These openings can also be viewed by employees at our local subsidiaries in Europe, enabling a system of internal recruitment of talent across the European region.

Nintendo Australia advertises positions internally and encourages applications from suitably qualified employees in order to provide them with the opportunity to broaden their experience and develop their skills.

Nintendo's Ideals for Employees
  • Communication Skills
    Gain the understanding and empathy of those around you, and contribute your strengths to the team.
  • Consideration for Viewpoints of Others
    Avoid self-centered ways of thinking and be conscious of the viewpoints of others.
  • Spirit of Service
    Take pride in helping others and bringing happiness to them.
  • Intellectual Curiosity
    Be open to new information and experiences, especially in the face of progress and dramatic change.
  • Originality and Flexibility
    Do not rely on past successes and ideas, but formulate new, unique proposals.
Nintendo of Europe GmbH
Strategies for Staying in Touch While Working From Home

Nintendo of Europe established virtual coffee breaks led by the Human Resources Department to help employees communicate with each other while working from home to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Employees went through a simple registration process to participate and drew lots to split into groups of three to four. Participants could use the coffee breaks to talk, network, and get to know each other.

Nintendo of Europe and its subsidiaries and branch offices also held virtual sessions for managers during the lunch break. Various topics were discussed, including “Being Connected While Working Remotely – The Role of Leadership” and “The Reality of Uncertainty.” We also held two open sessions for employees on “Being Connected While Working Remotely.”

Personnel Evaluation System for Skills Development

Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan) makes use of employee evaluations and considers them to be a great opportunity for skill development. Presenting employees with unique evaluation metrics, which help to guide them toward Nintendo’s ideals for employees, allows us to demonstrate a direction for developing their abilities.

Before employees are evaluated by their managers, they have the opportunity to conduct self-evaluations of their professional behavior and accomplishments. Comparing this self-evaluation with their managers' feedback provides employees with an opportunity to discuss any discrepancies in perception and outline new goals for personal development.

In addition, we have established a system that allows employees to make recommendations to the company, through which we aim to foster awareness and improve proposal-making skills. The company President reads through all proposals made to the company by our employees, and some of the company's improvement initiatives actively incorporate employee opinions obtained from these efforts. We also provide feedback to employees about trends in the proposals, as well as proposals that are frequently seen.

Workplace Health and Safety

Because we believe physical and mental well-being is essential to energetic work that fully applies employee abilities, Nintendo has implemented measures for employee well-being adapted to the type of work and local characteristics.

Ensuring Health and Safety in the Workplace

Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan) has established a Health Committee or Health and Safety Committee at each of our business locations based on our Health and Safety Standards in order to create a pleasant working environment. These committees create an Annual Health and Safety Promotion Plan to implement each year. The majority of committee members are appointed based on the recommendation of the Employee Representatives*1. In addition to periodic internal inspections, they conduct activities such as personal development for employees, through efforts aimed at improving results of health examinations. Results of important health-related measures, such as health examinations, are reported where appropriate by the General Manager of Human Resources to executive management. We have also established Operations Chief positions in accordance with legally stipulated work classifications in order to prevent occupational accidents, and have also established procedures for responding to emergencies.

These committees also work to raise overall company awareness through various means such as attending workshops on lifesaving and disaster-prevention training, and distributing information on workplace health and safety within departments.

Our overseas subsidiaries also have systems in place to promote health and safety, and conduct internal audits to evaluate compliance with laws and regulations concerning employee health and safety.

*1 Employee Representatives
The Employee Representatives are appointed by a vote of confidence to represent the majority of employees at each work site and perform various duties such as signing labor-management agreements.
Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan) Annual Health and Safety Promotion Plan
Basic Policies Comply with laws and regulations; actively engage in workplace health and safety activities; raise individual health and safety awareness through education and personal development; and build a safe and pleasant workplace through independent health and safety activities.
Activity Policies Continue to promote health and safety activities throughout the year, with a focus on 1. Compliance with laws and regulations related to health and safety; and 2. Strengthening of preventive health and safety activities.
Key Initiatives
  1. Maintenance of health and safety management systems
  2. Preventive health support
  3. Maintenance and management of working environment
  4. Health and safety education and events
  5. Maintenance of pleasant working environment
Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Implementation of a Sedentariness Prevention Period

In response to feedback from employees experiencing back pain due to prolonged time spent sitting while working from home, in FY 2021, the Health Committee of the headquarters building designated January 2022 as our “sedentariness prevention period” to raise employee awareness about the health effects of sitting too long.

During the initiative, we posted articles on the company intranet regarding its effects on health, encouraged employees to stand up and move around every 30 minutes via an alarm on our PCs, and displayed posters in the office cautioning about prolonged sitting.

In a survey conducted after the initiative period, approximately 75% of respondents answered that they became “aware” or “somewhat aware” of whether or not they sit for too long while working. It was also effective in spurring conversations between colleagues regarding the sedentariness prevention initiative. The Health Committee and Health and Safety Committee will continue to disseminate health-related information and take relevant measures.

Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan)
Helping Employees Feel Safe at Work

To address the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan) established a Disaster Response Committee in FY 2020, with the President serving as the chairperson, to create policies for action in case internal or related personnel become infected, and to formulate plans that would support both our business activities and employee safety. With the spread of COVID-19, systems for working from home have been implemented at all of our locations, along with measures to prevent infection in the workplace to ensure that our employees can work with peace of mind.

We provided all employees with a stipend beginning in April 2021 to assist with heating and lighting costs and the purchase of equipment needed to work from home. We have also made accommodations so that employees who come in to our offices to work can flexibly change their commuting methods and working hours, and have made preparations in the workplace such as distributing masks and installing protective partitions.

In addition to these initiatives, in order to support the health of our employees and their families and to provide an environment that enables everyone to work with greater peace of mind, we offered opportunities for COVID-19 vaccination to those interested. We also established a system by which employees could take special leave on the day of their vaccination, if they were unable to work due to side effects, and on days when they needed to assist family members with their vaccinations. A notification was also sent to all employees to ensure awareness that there would be no discriminatory treatment related to the vaccinations.

Nintendo of America Inc.
Supporting Employees During the COVID-19 Pandemic

When the pandemic began, we encouraged all employees who could work from home to do so, in accordance with our prioritization of employee health and safety. We followed telework guidelines that were already in place, which helped make the transition easier. As states mandated business and school closures, we offered work flexibility and provided full pay support to employees who were unable to work remotely, who met the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines for high risk or who needed to care for dependents.

To enable an ergonomic and effective work-from-home environment, the company offered reimbursement for work-related equipment, such as monitors, keyboards, chairs, desks and routers. Additionally, since March 2020, Nintendo of America has provided all employees working remotely with a monthly data stipend to help offset cellular and Wi-Fi charges.

In 2021, we introduced new pay continuation options for employees, to differentiate between time off for dependent care needs versus time off for COVID-19 quarantine, illness, vaccination or recovery from vaccination side effects, and we continue to offer schedule flexibility. Additionally, we partnered with a service to provide memberships for access to care providers, such as child, elder, and special needs care and tutoring. This service also offers subsidized back-up care benefits, which provide in-home or day-care-center care when regular caregiving cannot be used.

Beginning in 2021, we also partnered with an outside counseling service provider which operates a virtual behavioral health program that offers support for children ages 3–17 and their families, through our employee health plan coverage. Support includes coaching, help with common everyday challenges, personalized behavior therapy, speech therapy and medication evaluation, and support from licensed clinicians, as well as personalized mobile content, group classes and interactive exercises.

Nintendo of Europe GmbH (Germany)
Supporting Employees During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Nintendo of Europe (Germany) implemented guidelines for staff and information for managers to foster the right behavior regarding hygiene measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. We established an interdisciplinary Corona Response Group to respond to all questions related to controlling the spread of COVID-19. In addition to setting up a dedicated page on the company intranet and providing employees with the latest information about COVID-19, we also created an email address dedicated to COVID-19-related questions and concerns, through which important news and updates were communicated directly to employees.

After the lockdown was lifted in Germany and employees of Nintendo of Europe (Germany) gradually returned to the office, we handed out “welcome back to the office” gifts. The gifts were delivered by managers to help create a sense of unity within their teams.

Nintendo of Europe GmbH (Germany)
Mental Health Support for Employees

Nintendo of Europe (Germany) offers mental health support to its employees. In FY 2021, we continued to contract the services of the Center for Disease Management in Munich to provide a hotline for staff who feel like they may benefit from expert advice and treatment. The hotline is designated for mental health services and can provide professional counseling as additional support.

In addition, in 2022, we implemented a new Employee Assistance Program (EAP) that offers psychosocial consulting, support for family-related matters, assistance in finding childcare and elder care, and coverage of various addiction topics. Part of the support though this program will also be made available to employees at our local offices across Europe.

Nintendo Australia Pty Limited
Supporting Employees During the COVID-19 Pandemic

At Nintendo Australia, we have supported our employees in various ways during the COVID-19 pandemic and the lockdowns that accompanied it. We immediately developed a COVID Safe Plan and implemented measures to prevent the spread of infection, such as daily temperature checks for those working on-site, sanitizer stations, limited seating in eating areas and acrylic screens at dining tables.

Managers working from home held regular online meetings with members of their team to ensure everyone remained engaged and connected. Many departments set up informal afternoon tea chats, which gave staff the opportunity to talk about things outside of work. The Marketing Team even compiled a cookbook that was made available to all staff via the company intranet.

Regular communications were sent to all employees with information and advice about how to make masks, look after their mental health and maintain a work-life balance and keep fit. All staff were also reminded and encouraged to reach out to a friend, colleague or family member if they felt anxious, or contact our free 24/7 Employee Assistance Program. R U OK? Day, which raises awareness of mental health, was celebrated with a gift basket sent to all employees. Once the permit restrictions were eased, a “welcome back” pack containing face masks and other items was provided to all employees returning to the office.

Maintaining Physical and Mental Well-being

Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan) is expanding its support structures with an eye toward preventing both physical and mental health issues. For example, the company supports proactive employee health maintenance plans and has established a health consultation room staffed by an occupational health physician and a public health nurse for consultations on physical and mental concerns.

We have established a system for our locations in Japan to promote mental health through consultations with the occupational health physician and nurse, as well as support for self-care, and we are working toward the prevention and early detection of mental health issues.

In addition, improving preventative health care management is one of our main measures, and we continue to focus on increasing the consultation rate for adult disease prevention health checks. When needing to take extended leave or retire due to illness or injury, employees can receive a living allowance during their long-term leave and utilize the retirement support fund when retiring after the end of the leave period. We also enroll in a group long-term disability (GLTD) insurance*2 program as part of our benefit system.

Each overseas subsidiary also has developed various support systems aimed at maintaining the well-being of its employees.

*2 GLTD insurance
Guarantees a portion of monthly income until a maximum age of 65 if an employee cannot return to work after retiring due to illness or injury, regardless of whether the cause is work-related or not.
A Selection of Health Care Measures Offered by Nintendo Co., Ltd. (Japan)
  • Interviews for Employees Who Worked Longer Hours
    In an effort to prevent health problems related to long working hours, consultations with our occupational health physician are conducted not only on a voluntary basis, but with all employees who worked over a specified number of hours. The occupational health physician gives appropriate advice and guidance to the employee and the company to prevent health problems from occurring.
  • Increasing the Consultation Rate for Women's Health Screenings
    We entered into a corporate agreement with a hospital highly regarded for its women's health screenings, enabling female employees of any age to receive discounted screenings at any time of the year.
  • Mental Health Care
    We have implemented a Stress Check system that gives employees the opportunity to reflect on and evaluate the state of their mental health. When necessary, we promptly follow up with employees, offering sessions with the occupational health physician or an affiliated external counselor.
    The occupational health physician provides regular consultations for employees taking a leave of absence, and aids a smooth return to work by taking various measures during the month before the employee returns, such as having the employee practice commuting to work each day and reviewing their daily routine. We have established regular follow-up consultations with the occupational health physician after the employee has returned to work, and have set up systems for the employee to work reduced hours, etc.
  • COVID-19 and Influenza Prevention
    Along with providing information about the COVID-19 pandemic and influenza on the company intranet and raising awareness among our employees, we inform them of countermeasures in accordance with the current warning level.
    We also provide employees travelling overseas with health and hygiene information relevant to their destination. Employees and their families who are relocating overseas are vaccinated against infectious diseases and receive medical evaluations before and after their move.
Nintendo of America Inc.
Ensuring Employees' Wellness

Nintendo of America transitioned most of our on-site health and wellness services to virtual offerings at the onset of the pandemic. We regularly communicate these evolving options to employees through intranet articles, emails and home mailings.

All employees have access to free virtual counseling sessions through our Employee Assistant Program (EAP). Additionally, those covered under a company-sponsored medical plan have virtual care and mental health care resources through the CareATC Health and Wellness Center, which includes primary care, prescription drugs, physical therapy, counseling and coaching. Most services are free or covered by a minimal copay.

To keep employees physically active and engaged as working from home became more prevalent, our EXOS onsite Fitness Center staff offered a variety of virtual activities, including live group exercise classes, such as yoga and meditation, along with recorded videos for on-demand access. Monthly educational webinars and activity challenges are also available, all focusing on the four pillars of EXOS methodology: mindset, nutrition, movement and recovery.

Collaboration between CareATC, EXOS and our Employee Resource Groups*3 has resulted in internal parenting support groups and weekly healthy cooking demonstrations led by a registered dietitian.

*3 Employee Resource Groups (ERG)
Our ERGs are initiatives to encourage mutual understanding and increase motivation among our employees, in which they come together and create groups based on their shared backgrounds, experiences and interests.
Nintendo of Europe GmbH (Germany)
A New Office Focused on Employee Well-being, Functionality and the Environment

Nintendo of Europe (Germany) moved its European headquarters within the city of Frankfurt, Germany in September 2020. The move focused on employee participation, state-of-the-art functionality and environmental protection. To realize this, interdisciplinary committees were established. For example, the Interior Committee decided on all materials and furniture used, while the Media Committee designed the concept for meeting rooms from a multimedia perspective to enable efficient use of video conference systems and other equipment. In addition to creating a dedicated email address to give employees the opportunity to actively contribute by giving feedback, making suggestions and asking questions, all employees have been informed regularly about the move over a special intranet channel.

The new office has been designed to meet the DGNB*4 Gold certification and utilizes many environmentally sustainable materials such as carpeting made from recycled fishnets.

Features of the new Nintendo of Europe headquarters include:

  • Soccer field, table tennis table and multi-sports field for volleyball, basketball, and other sports
  • Parent-and-child rooms furnished with toys, books and chairs where mothers can rest or breastfeed, enabling employees to work while taking care of their children
  • Garden area and terrace with Wi-Fi
  • Fitness room
  • Unisex accessible toilet (on each floor)
  • State-of-the-art, energy-efficient air conditioning and heating system
  • Improved sun protection panels outside the building and windows that can be opened
  • New ergonomic furniture, including desks with adjustable height
The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen (German Sustainable Building Council) is a system for evaluating buildings. In addition to assessing reduction of environmental impact, it considers economic aspects such as cost effectiveness and value retention, sociocultural and functional factors, including comfort and universal design, and various other sustainability themes.
Nintendo of Europe GmbH (Germany)
Employee-Led Nintendo FIT Initiative

Nintendo FIT is an initiative launched in 2021 at Nintendo of Europe (Germany) by and for employees with the aim of promoting health and performance, alleviating stress, and increasing employee satisfaction. Starting in September 2021, participation in all Nintendo FIT activities has opened up to include Nintendo staff across Europe.

Our main focus in FY 2021 has been the topic of stress management. Nintendo FIT published articles to encourage our employees in six main stress-related areas: eating healthy, exercising, taking time for yourself, being mindful, getting restful sleep and not being too hard on yourself. In support of these themes, we teamed up with our health insurance providers to offer webinars on “How to remain strong in the face of stress,” as well as live cooking sessions titled “Watch out for sugar!” To promote staying balanced through physical activity, we also organized weekly online fitness classes and participated in the Office City Run, an event in which employees could take part in by either running or cycling. All registration fees for the Office City Run went to support Lufthansa’s Cargo Human Care projects in Africa.

In October 2021, Nintendo FIT celebrated World Mental Health Day with a company-wide virtual lunch break. Additional activities included a virtual game night, a quiet area for employees in the office to relax or meditate, a tea relaxation zone with a variety of teas, brain food and a special lunch in the cafeteria, and messaging to promote random acts of kindness.

Nintendo Australia Pty Limited
Enhancing the Work Environment Through Office Renovations

From April through September 2020, Nintendo Australia undertook internal office renovations at the head office located in Melbourne, Australia. Some major considerations for the renovation were employee health and well-being, accessibility and environmental factors.

The redesign of the office area allowed us to reconfigure the workspace to be more comfortable for employees. There is now more open space, with new furnishings and increased comfortable seating arrangements for staff. We also have added many indoor plants in the office area, which we believe will help in improving the atmosphere of the room and employee well-being.

Enhanced accessibility within the building was a key consideration for the renovation. The building has now been installed with an elevator, as well as disability access amenities, with the goal of offering staff and visitors greater access throughout the building.

To reduce our environmental footprint within the building, we installed new solar films on external windows that improve heating and cooling efficiency and lighting options that turn off when areas are not occupied, which has boosted environmental performance in the office.