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Global Top Message Continuing Our Commitment to Sustainable,
Inclusive Business Practices

Doug Bowser, President, Nintendo of America Inc.

Doug Bowser

Nintendo of America Inc.

 At Nintendo of America, we believe being accountable to our consumers is one of the most important values we can hold. Our goal is to deliver surprises and smiles to our many and diverse Nintendo stakeholders, including our business partners, consumers, and employees throughout the Americas. That ultimately means ensuring we advance responsible business practices, support human rights, and that we are continuing to reach ever higher standards as we grow and learn.
 Our Employee Resource Groups support a range of activities, including ongoing community volunteer work and outreach initiatives to raise awareness of topics like accessibility and diversity to ensure that Nintendo of America represents the many communities we serve. At our Nintendo of America headquarters in Redmond, Washington, we hosted the Girls Make Games summer camp, a unique program designed to inspire the next generation of creators and engineers. And we remain focused on ensuring that our business practices support socially responsible purchases and relationships by routinely reviewing our supply chain.
 I've spent considerable time traveling across the Americas, including many years living in Mexico and Venezuela, and know firsthand how crucial listening to and understanding other perspectives is. Our incredibly diverse consumer base is what drives our passion to create entertainment experiences that speak to all of our potential fans. It's why we've implemented training programs designed to foster an inclusive workforce and are continuing to cultivate an employee base where opportunities are truly available to anyone.
 Being socially responsible means continuing to flexibly adapt to changing times. We will continue to drive change through our CSR initiatives, seek additional ways to minimize our environmental footprint, promote the health and well-being of our employees, and pursue a workplace that is welcoming to all.

Assembling a Diverse Team to Put Smiles on the Faces of
Everyone We Touch

Koji Miyake, Chairman and CEO, Nintendo of Europe GmbH

Koji Miyake

Chairman and CEO
Nintendo of Europe GmbH

 I was appointed as Chairman and CEO of Nintendo of Europe in July 2018, and I am working with the other members of the management team here to fulfil our company goals. At Nintendo of Europe, our CSR policy remains the same: to put smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches, including our employees, our consumers, and everyone in our supply chain.
 Nintendo of Europe has a truly multicultural staff of all ages, lifestyles and backgrounds, with almost 40 different nationalities all working together. I strongly believe that this kind of diverse working collaboration is crucial to ensuring we reach our goal and put smiles on the faces of as many people as we can.
 In 2019 we reorganized our Nintendo of Europe CSR Committee and included additional representatives of multiple departments throughout the company. Those joined forces are planning and steering CSR activities and introducing new actions for our employees, supply chain and environment.
 The Nintendo of Europe CSR Committee is supported by sub-committees of our CSR key areas, which currently include: Environment, CSR Procurement, Accessibility, Diversity, Social Contribution and Charity.
 We strive to embody our CSR goals in our business activities. At Nintendo of Europe's headquarters in Germany, for example, last year we placed particular emphasis on environmental protection, organizing events for employees to draw attention to this vital topic.
 To protect the global environment, Nintendo of Europe's employees are joining our company's efforts. Our employees started to use reusable lunch boxes and coffee-to-go-mugs provided by the company in order to reduce single-use plastic. We've also increased our dedication to recycling by introducing a new system for the thorough separation and recycling of paper, plastic, organic and residual waste at the office.
 We continue operating responsibly in everything we do so we can continue to put smiles on the faces of everyone we touch.

Pursuing Our Mission:
"Putting Smiles on the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches"

Takuro Horie, Managing Director, Nintendo Australia Pty Limited

Takuro Horie

Managing Director
Nintendo Australia Pty Limited

 For fiscal year 2019, Nintendo Australia has prioritized our CSR activities, taking into account a variety of initiatives that contribute to society and put smiles on everyone's faces.
 With the recent introduction of the Australian Modern Slavery Act 2018, in fiscal year 2019, Nintendo Australia has placed particular emphasis on supply chain reviews. For this, a Steering Committee and a Project Team have been put together. Advisory members were also called on from our Management Team to further aid in this process. This in turn has raised inter-department and company awareness of ethical and legally compliant business conduct.
 With children making up a large part of our audience, in recent years Nintendo Australia has expanded CSR programs for the benefit of children in local communities as well as our employees. There continues to be a growing interest and increasing number of requests from communities for innovative STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) based learning opportunities and activities. We have worked with local libraries to deliver activities for primary-aged children, as well as with primary schools nationally through our 2019 Nintendo Labo in Schools program.
 Popular environmental activities at Nintendo Australia include our annual participation in both the Clean Up Australia Day and Business Tree Planting Day. These activities are organized through our local council. For Clean Up Australia Day staff get together to clean up a local area by picking up discarded rubbish. The rubbish collected is a combination of general waste and recyclables such as plastic bottles, cans, and anything else which can be harmful to wildlife and the environment. Business Tree Planting Day involves our staff coming together with other businesses to plant trees in a designated area such as a community park. These continue to be good activities to promote teambuilding within Nintendo Australia as well as helping the environment.
 We will continue to review and improve our CSR programs and explore meaningful ways to contribute to the community, employees and our environment.

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