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Message From the President Contributing to the Realization of a Sustainable Society and Weaving Smiles Through Nintendo's Products,
Services and Business Activities

Shuntaro Furukawa

Representative Director and President
Nintendo Co., Ltd.

For the Health and Safety of Everyone Involved

 We have always prioritized the health and safety of our consumers, business partners and employees.
 To respond to the spread of COVID-19, we established the Disaster Response Committee, where the President serves as chairperson. We implemented a variety of initiatives, such as distributing masks to all employees and establishing Work From Home policies. In addition, considering risk of infection, we shifted all consumer events to an online format in principle, prioritizing the health and safety of consumers while attempting to minimize situations where they would miss out on eagerly anticipated opportunities. During the mandatory stay-at-home period, we feel that Ring Fit Adventure for Nintendo Switch along with Jump Rope Challenge, a game Nintendo developers created while working from home, were able to offer consumers many opportunities to exercise and stay active. And with our supply chain initiatives, we adjusted our processes to perform supply chain audits remotely. We are continuing to transform our organization by adapting flexibly to various changes in the business environment due to the spread of COVID-19.

Putting Smiles on the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches

 Our goal of "putting smiles on the faces of everyone we touch" includes three priority areas: "Put smiles on the faces of our consumers," "Put smiles on the faces of our supply chain" and "Put smiles on the faces of our employees." To support these priorities we engage in a variety of activities, including initiatives that are unique to our overseas subsidiaries and globally coordinated actions.
 For example, we are continually focused on promoting the use of our free Nintendo Switch Parental Controls application, which helps children enjoy games with peace of mind. In regards to our supply chain, as it becomes increasingly important to deal with human rights and labor risks, we share each country's CSR procurement activities globally, and continue to strengthen our efforts in this area. For our employees, we continue to enhance our working environment and its systems, including respecting diversity and ensuring that each employee can perform to their fullest potential, regardless of sex, age, nationality, disability, sexual orientation or gender identity.
 Nintendo has always strived to reduce our environmental impact, and that starts with our product development and design. As part of our ongoing work in this area, we collect and publish data related to our environmental impact and activities. In recent years, focus on environmental issues such as climate change and marine plastics has further increased, and the movement toward finding solutions is accelerating around the world, as represented by international frameworks like the Paris Agreement. We will work to tackle these environmental challenges as we look ahead to the future.

To Build Long-Term Trust With Consumers

 We have endeavored for many years to build and maintain strong relationships with our consumers. The trust our consumers place in us as a company is our most important asset. As a company that brings smiles to people through entertainment, Nintendo will continue to offer original products and services to everyone around the world. And we hope that Nintendo's unique entertainment experiences will help encourage communication across generations and borders, deepening community and connections between people.