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Working With Our Business Partners / We build good relationships with our production, development and sales partners, and work hard to build partnerships that can provide better products for our consumers.

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  • Working With Our Sales Partners

Working With Our Production Partners

Nintendo employs a fabless production model, meaning that we do not own the facilities that manufacture our products. We work with production partners*1 around the world to improve the quality, safety and efficiency of the entire production process.

By sharing our ideas and best practices with our production partners, we strengthen our working relationships with them as we aim to bring smiles to the faces of the consumers who ultimately use our products. We encourage our production partners to improve their technical strengths and maintain healthy corporate cultures within their organizations, which in turn helps us to achieve our CSR goals.

CSR Procurement Guidelines

With emphasis on building trust and deepening mutual understanding, Nintendo Co., Ltd. works closely with our production partners to implement and refine good business practices in their procurement processes. Additionally, in April 2011, we revised the Nintendo CSR Procurement Guidelines, originally issued in July 2008, to provide a more specific guide for our production partners regarding the adoption of socially responsible procurement practices.

We distributed the Nintendo CSR Procurement Guidelines to each of the approximately 300 production partners with whom we work closely to facilitate and encourage compliance in every phase of production.

*1 Production Partners
The manufacturing factories to which Nintendo outsources assembly and the suppliers of component parts and materials.

Production Partner Inspections

One of the ways in which Nintendo Co., Ltd. works with production partners to ensure CSR compliance is to ask them periodically to submit the Status Survey, a report that affords us an overview of their current situation. In addition, we send personnel to conduct on-site inspections to help our partners reach and maintain the standards stipulated in the Nintendo CSR Procurement Guidelines.

In fiscal year 2011, we carried out on-site inspections at nine major production partners (including two new partners) and worked with them to initiate any improvements deemed necessary. While the main purpose of these inspections is to give us a first-hand look at on-site conditions, they also give us an important opportunity to communicate the Nintendo CSR procurement concept to our production partners. We will continue to carry out such inspections while promoting the fulfillment of our objectives.

Please refer to PP.7-10 of the digest version of the CSR Report 2012.

On-Site Inspection Example

Procedure for On-Site Inspections

Past Record of On-Site Inspections

*The parenthetic numbers refer to companies that were newly inspected.

On-Site Inspection Flow

Working With Our Development Partners

Nintendo develops game systems and software, both independently and in collaboration with a wide range of development partners. The key essentials in designing attractive products with our development partners are sharing values regarding collaborative product development, mutual respect for the roles and abilities of those involved, and a strong sense of appreciation for the contribution of each individual in the process.

Development Partner's Comments / Collaborating on 3D Pictorial Guide to Flora and Fauna

Editor / Heibonsha Limited, Publishers / Noriko Ohishi

An assorted mix of digital picture books, including online versions, is already on the market, but it is sometimes difficult to find the right one, and many of them seem to be just an alternative or a supplement to a paper picture book. Therefore, when we started to discuss this software, we were very interested in what kind of new proposal we would be able to achieve.

We wanted to provide something new that went beyond the convenience of traditional paper books, and we were not interested in simply digitalizing the text search function.
The development of this software gave us the opportunity and the time to really focus on what existing paper books are lacking.

It also gave us the chance to explore the role of books as one form of media. We also carefully considered how we could incorporate an entertainment element into the software to take advantage of the unique features of the Nintendo 3DS.
The collaboration with Nintendo was very exciting and yielded various new findings.

Working With Our Sales Partners

To expand our consumer base, we must cooperate with our sales partners in effectively conveying the appeal of our products to consumers around the world. Nintendo continues to build relationships based on trust and encourages open communication with its sales partners.

New Product Information Sessions

For newly released products, Nintendo Co., Ltd. regularly holds new product information sessions during which our sales staff directly explains the products' appeal and special features to our sales partners.

During such sessions, our sales partners gain knowledge and experience by playing with each product, which helps them to understand its appeal and aids them in selling the products with confidence.

In fiscal year 2011, many sales partners attended these sessions, which proved to be valuable opportunities for candid exchanges of opinions.

Our overseas subsidiaries also are creating opportunities to share the appeal of new products with their respective sales partners. For example, to help sales partners better understand the appeal of Nintendo products, Nintendo Australia has created a space at its headquarters to which partners can come to try new products at any time.

New Product Information Sessions

New product information session

Cooperation With On-Site Sales Promotion

Nintendo Co., Ltd.'s sales staff supports individual retailers by providing promotional tools and product display concepts to effectively communicate product appeal and information to consumers.

We have also installed in-store demo units, or product demo & display shelves, which enable consumers to enjoy many kinds of content.

Furthermore, we have developed and provided the Nintendo Search Guide, an information search terminal that helps users to easily find the products for which they are searching.

Nintendo 3DS in-store demo unit & display wall

 Nintendo 3DS Station (content delivery system)

Nintendo Search Guide

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