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[Feature 1] New Potential of Video Games - Game System Brings New Experience to Historic Museum

The Louvre Museum’s new digital audio guide service, which uses the Nintendo 3DS system, was launched in April 2012. In addition to commentaries by the museum’s curators and lecturers on the museum and its artworks, interactive maps and experiences available only on Nintendo 3DS provide visitors with a fresh perspective on the museum.  * In November 2012, all Nintendo 3DS systems were upgraded to Nintendo 3DS XL systems.  * The service is available in French, English, German, Spanish, Italian, Korean and Japanese.
Christophe Monin Head of Mecenat Louvre Museum

A New Way to Enjoy a Museum

The Audioguide Louvre-Nintendo 3DS XL includes high-definition 3D images of the Louvre's exhibitions and its rooms, and more than 700 commentaries by museum curators and lecturers. While listening to engaging explanations, visitors are able to get a different perspective on the exhibitions with unique features such as HD zoom, which enables visitors to view the intricate details of works, and 3D models, which enable vistors to view pieces from every angle.

At the Nintendo developers' suggestion, the Audioguide was equipped with a feature that can show the visitor's exact position in the museum on the Nintendo 3DS screen, as well as a search function that enables visitors to easily locate the pieces they want to see without getting lost.

With these new functions, audio guide usage rates have increased significantly.

Fulfill Visitors' Needs

We are always trying to make the Louvre accessible to everyone. As a part of this effort, we incorporated content called the Adapted tour into the Audioguide to accommodate people with disabilities. This tour shows visitors with wheelchairs the locations of elevators and lifts so that they can easily get around the museum. Visitors with visual impairments are able to touch miniature versions of 20 sculptures while listening to commentaries in the special Touch Gallery, and visitors with hearing impairments can access a video-guided tour in French sign language that focuses on the Louvre's major works.

The Egypt for all the Family tour, which was added in December 2012, contains special content for children which enables them to test their knowledge with multimedia game quizzes.

The Nintendo developers recommended that we include these features, and we appreciate their efforts to make the Audioguide useful and fun for all visitors.

Appeal to a Broader Audience

After introducing the Audioguide, we have seen children showing screen images to their parents while they explain the exhibitions. We are pleased that the Audioguide is being used as a communication tool between generations.

We are also grateful that the Audioguide has enabled us to reach out to the young generation and spark their interest in art. Due to our collaboration with Nintendo, the Louvre was discussed on game websites for the first time. We hope that the Audioguide Louvre-Nintendo 3DS XL will continue to attract visitors to the Louvre.

3D Models of Major Works

The Audioguide includes more than 700 commentaries, 3D models of major works and 3D images of the inside of the museum. It can be difficult to see the back of some works because there are walls behind them, but with the Audioguide, the visitor can use the HD zoom to study the fine details of each piece and rotate the 3D model on the screen to reveal the reverse side of the exhibit. Features such as these help visitors to deepen their knowledge of the works on display at the museum.

An Interactive Map to Guide You

Housed in a huge building, the Louvre is home to an extensive art collection. When visitors use the Audioguide, an interactive map of the building appears on the screen so that they can view their current location. Visitors can select specific exhibitions they want to see, or choose from a recommended tour at which point the appropriate route will be displayed on the screen so that they are able to make the best use of their viewing time. In addition, the Audioguide shows wheelchair-accessible routes.

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