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[Feature 2] CSR Procurement With Production Partners - Value Chain Broadening

Production partners who share our way of thinking are essential to Nintendo’s effort to provide consumers with the highest quality products and bring smiles to their faces.

CSR Procurement Practices That can Spread Smiles

In order to work with its production partners to make ever better products, Nintendo provides the Nintendo CSR Procurement Guidelines to all of its production partners and maintains a dialogue with them through on-site inspections. Through such actions Nintendo strives for its production partners to understand and share Nintendo's way of thinking.

These on-site inspections are used not just to point out areas for improvement, but also to explain why improvements are necessary and to convey the reasoning behind the on-site inspections. In short, they are used as an opportunity to provide the production partners with a deeper understanding of Nintendo's way of thinking. They are also a valuable opportunity for Nintendo to gain first-hand knowledge of the conditions at the production sites.

In recent years, reviewing systems for information management has become an area of emphasis in these on-site inspections. We ask our production partners to enact strict information management practices to prevent the leak of unpublicized information specific to products and to immediately improve any identified problem areas.

Another focus of the on-site inspections is to check whether vulnerable workers, such as workers who may be pregnant or considered minors, are being protected. There is a growing awareness about the importance of protecting these workers, and while we are observing steady improvements in this area, we continue to maintain a dialogue with our production partners to ensure that continuous efforts are being made.

Furthermore, Nintendo devotes time to educating production partners on the non-use of conflict minerals so they have a deeper understanding of the issue.

On-Site Inspection Example

Nintendo CSR Procurement Guidelines

Business StatusSurvey

On-Site Inspection


Nintendo's Response to Conflict Minerals

Nintendo has a clear policy banning the use of conflict minerals* in any of our products. This can be found in the Nintendo CSR Procurement Guidelines. The Business Status Survey is used to confirm that all production partners are in compliance.

In fiscal year 2012, Nintendo issued a questionnaire to its relevant production partners to determine whether they have policies and business practices in place to avoid the use of conflict minerals. This survey was given to the companies among Nintendo's production partners who handle materials that might possibly contain tin, tantalum, tungsten or gold.

In addition, Nintendo conducts on-site inspections with each production partner to discuss the issue of conflict minerals with both supervisors and workers on the manufacturing floor.

Moving forward, Nintendo is committed to working with its production partners to formulate and implement the appropriate measures to ensure that conflict minerals are not used in our products.

Conflict minerals mean the tungsten, tantalum, tin and gold that are extracted from the conflict-affected regions of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and its nine adjoining countries, and are used as a financial source for armed groups or rebel forces who often commit crimes against humanity.
What We ask of Our Production Partners
  • In March 2013, legal representatives from Nintendo Co., Ltd. and Nintendo of America joined the on-site inspections.
  • We discussed CSR related topics such as conflict minerals with our production partners.

123 In March 2013, legal representatives from Nintendo Co., Ltd. and Nintendo of America joined the on-site inspections.

4We discussed CSR related topics such as conflict minerals with our production partners.

Procedure for On-Site Inspections
Results of On-Site Inspections in 2012
Cases of Improvements Confirmed Through On-Site Inspections in Fiscal Year2012
Yasuhiro Amemiya Director & President ROHM Electronics Dalian Co., Ltd.

Promote CSR Throughout Whole Supply Chain

We, as the ROHM Group, convey to our employees our CSR policy, which is based on the company’s objectives and corporate principles, and focus on providing the information necessary to spread our policy to our whole supply chain. The on-site inspections, carried out by Nintendo and other business partners, have helped our employees understand the importance of CSR and have had a positive influence on improving the work environment.

Recently, we have been actively working on confirming the origin of materials that we use based on our policy of non-use of conflict minerals. We follow EICC’s (Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition) code of conduct, and cooperate with our industrial organization (JEITA) and business partners in order to take effective steps towards the issue.

Tatsuji Fujiwara General Manager  Electronic Device Department Daimaru Kogyo, Ltd.

Share Company CSR Policy with Suppliers

Based on our corporate philosophy, we promote fair trade with our suppliers in Japan, China and the ASEAN region. Through face-to-face dialogue, we share our CSR policy with our suppliers and continually improve the work environment and product quality.

We request that our suppliers not use conflict minerals in their products, and we periodically confirm that there are no conflict minerals in the products we supply to our customers. We actively work on CSR issues, including the conflict minerals issue, with our suppliers.

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