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Global CSR Highlights

To put smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches, we are undertaking many CSR activities worldwide. Here are a few examples of what Nintendo is doing.

Environment / Nintendo Co., Ltd. / New Eco-Friendly Development Building

A Place That Brings Smiles to Future Generations

The new Nintendo Co., Ltd. Development Center, which opened in June 2014, is a place for the creation of video game systems and software. As a company that brings smiles to consumers through our products, we decided to make our new development base a place which will bring smiles to future generations as well. In order to achieve this goal, we complied with CASBEE Kyoto*1, a green-building evaluation standard established by Kyoto City, and our new building was one of the few buildings in Kyoto to be awarded the S rank; the highest level of this standard.

A Place That Brings Smiles to Future Generations
CASBEE (Comprehensive Assessment System for Built Environment Efficiency) is a system for assessing and rating the environmental performance of buildings and built environments. Buildings are ranked into five levels (S, A, B+, B-, C). CASBEE Kyoto is a customized system based on CASBEE and incorporates the original standards defined by Kyoto City.

Making the Most of Nature's Gifts

The Development Center has a solar energy generation system on the roof, and the electricity generated from this system is used as one of the building's power sources. The current level of electricity in use is always displayed on monitors located in the building's public areas to increase employees' awareness. We also designed the many windows in the building to let in as much natural light as possible. In order to minimize electricity usage, we also incorporated automatic lighting control systems, which turn off the lights when no one is in a certain part of the room and also adjust the brightness of lights according to natural lighting conditions. To conserve water, a system to reuse rain water for plants and toilets was adopted.

Making the Most of Nature's Gifts

Community / Nintendo Ibérica, S.A. (Spain) / Creation of a Nintendo 3DS Audio Guide

House of Alba is one of the most important noble families in Spain. The family owns many artefacts of great cultural heritage, and an exhibition was held from November 30, 2012 until April 21, 2013 for its most precious collection.

Nintendo Ibérica decided to support this important cultural project by creating an audio guide for the exhibition that runs on Nintendo 3DS XL handheld systems. The guide was available in Spanish and English, and in addition to images of the artefacts and their corresponding commentaries, it also featured a search function and map so that visitors could locate specific pieces of art.

More than 150,000 visitors came to the exhibition, and many of them enjoyed the collection using the Nintendo 3DS XL audio guide.

Creation of a Nintendo 3DS Audio Guide

Business Partners / Nintendo of America Inc. / Retail Support Program

Cooperation with our sales partners is an essential component for Nintendo to convey the appeal of our products effectively to consumers around the world, and Nintendo strives to build these relationships based on trust and open communication. With a staff of 150 people, the NMI department at Nintendo of America has been supporting our retail partners throughout North America for nearly 30 years. Monthly store visits include maintenance and repair of interactive displays, placing POP and stocking products onto the sales floor. NMI employees educate store staff on products to ensure that they can confidently pass on that knowledge to consumers. They also conduct hands-on product demonstrations for consumers, which result in more than 100,000 direct connections each year. These connections are invaluable to Nintendo.

Retail Support Program

Shareholders/Investors / Nintendo / Enhance Website Protection System

Recently, illegal access to government authority and corporate websites has become a global concern.

In order to enhance website security, we established the Global Website Security Team at Nintendo Co., Ltd. Under the supervision of the Team, local teams at each location actively work to protect Nintendo Group websites by strengthening the technical and physical measures which prevent online information theft and unauthorized website modifications. In addition, we incorporated third-party audits to evaluate weaknesses in the websites or information control methods of employees who are in charge of handling important information.

Employees / Nintendo of Europe GmbH (Germany) / Health Awareness Events

Nintendo of Europe strives to increase employees' health awareness through distributing useful information and organizing various events. As a part of these efforts, two Nintendo of Europe locations held a Health Information Day in April 2013 where health and fitness industry professionals provided informative workshops, activities and advice for employees. Employees were also able to try popular exercises, such as yoga and Zumba, in addition to taking blood pressure and balance tests. The events were well received and employees regarded them as a good opportunity to improve their health management awareness.

In addition to these special events, Nintendo of Europe hires a certified yoga instructor to teach yoga classes during lunch breaks for daily health management.

Health Awareness Events

Consumers / Nintendo Australia Pty. Ltd. / Increasing Cyber-Safety Awareness

Nintendo Australia has been working with the Australian government on a cyber-safety initiative. Protecting children from inappropriate material on the Internet is a major issue in Australia and around the world. To promote a better Internet environment, the government runs a cyber-safety website that provides information on how to use the Internet properly and how to protect personal information on the Internet.

On this website, Nintendo Australia provides a range of information in an easy-to-read Q&A format about how to use Nintendo products when they are connected to the Internet and how to set up Parental Controls.

In addition, a representative from Nintendo Australia attended the Cyber Safety Summit in August 2013. This annual event brings together members of the Youth Advisory Group on Cyber Safety (consisting of representatives from participating schools), parents and guardians, teachers, community organizations, celebrities, government representatives and industry professionals to share their cyber-safety experiences and contribute suggestions for future cyber-safety measures. Nintendo Australia set up a demonstration space for summit participants to get some hands-on experience with our game systems, and our representative was there to give participants one-on-one guidance on how to set up Parental Controls.

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