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CSR Promotion

Clearly Describing our Aspirations and Progressively Promoting CSR Activities

To “Put Smiles on the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches,” we considered it important to both describe our aspirations and set intermediate targets as guides toward our ultimate goals, and to steadfastly advance toward each of these targets. We have therefore set new intermediate targets for our CSR activities.

Identifying Priority Areas and Promoting CSR Activities in Stages

 Nintendo has taken various initiatives while considering which CSR activities best leverage our strengths and put smiles on everyone's faces. For the 2015 fiscal year, we prioritized certain topics after taking into account the demands of society, the nature of our business, and the opinions of people inside and outside the company. Our aim was to make good use of limited resources to promote highly effective projects. We have set a series of three-year targets to guide steady, step-by-step implementation of CSR activities toward our aspirational objectives.

Medium-Term Plan for CSR Promotion

  • PHASE1 2015-2017
  • PHASE2 2018-2020
  • PHASE3 2021-

Identifying priority areas

Nintendo's CSR


  • New Potential of Video Games
  • Achieving Quality and Safety
  • Considerations When Developing Software and Services
  • Making Things Easier to Understand, Easier to Use
  • Responding Effectively to Consumers


  • CSR Management
  • Corporate Governance
  • Compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Effective Use and Protection of Intellectual Property
  • Information Disclosure


  • Benefiting the Company as a Whole
  • Promoting a Diverse Work Environment
  • Creating a Safe and Healthy Workplace

Business Partners

  • Working with Our Production Partners
  • Working with Our Development Partners
  • Working with Our Sales Partners

Future Generations (Environment)

  • Environmental Management System
  • Eco-Friendly Products
  • Environmentally Conscious Business Activities


  • Nintendo's Unique Contributions


Using the following criteria, we evaluated our previous activities and prioritized areas that require a special focus, and that capitalize on Nintendo's strengths.

Social Demands

We are committed to addressing important issues of major societal concern, such as respecting human rights throughout the supply chain and addressing the issue of conflict minerals.

Self-Assessment (from employee surveys)

In 2014, we conducted a CSR survey of employees in the major Nintendo Group offices. The results highlighted the need to strengthen our system of promoting CSR and to establish a CSR mindset throughout the company.

Advice from Outside Experts

We received advice from outside experts on areas where we can leverage Nintendo's strengths and where we need to strengthen our efforts.

Priority Areas

New Potential of Video Games

We want people to experience the positive influence that our products have on society, such as the new communication channels gaming opens up. Further, we wish to increase the number of consumers, even if only by a small number, who tell us that a Nintendo product made them smile and made their life more fulfilling.

Working with Our Production Partners

CSR Procurement (including the issue of conflict minerals)

Promoting CSR initiatives throughout the supply chain not only improves working conditions for people on the production floors, but also leads to high quality production, which in turn enables us to put smiles on our consumers' faces. We will continue to emphasize mutual understanding and communication in our cooperation with our production partners.

CSR Management

Strengthening Our System for Promoting CSR

We aim to be an organization that regularly reviews its own efforts using the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle, identifies and foresees future issues, and addresses them at an early stage.

Enhancing Communication

We wish to communicate Nintendo's aspirations to everyone we come into contact with, gain their understanding and firmly accept the social expectations of Nintendo.

Promoting a Diverse Work Environment

Human Rights, Respect for Diversity, and Promoting Women's Careers

Employees from various cultural backgrounds work together at Nintendo to put smiles on people's faces. Because employees are the source of Nintendo's competitiveness, it is important that we create a comfortable working environment. As a global enterprise, we also consider it important to establish an appropriate awareness of human rights.

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