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Bringing Smiles to the Community / Nintendo continually seeks ways to serve and contribute to the community in a Nintendo way. We strive to be corporate citizens that are loved and valued by the community.

Bringing Smiles to the Community

Nintendo continually seeks ways to serve and contribute to the community in a Nintendo way. We strive to be corporate citizens that are loved and valued by the community.

Nintendo's Unique Contributions

Nintendo's Unique Contributions

 We understand that Nintendo's business cannot thrive without a sound and healthy society. With this in mind, we carefully consider the kinds of unique contributions Nintendo can give back to society as a responsible corporate citizen. Here, we highlight some of Nintendo's contributions that have taken place in the past year.

Nintendo Internship Programs

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

  Nintendo is well-known for developing video games such as Mario Kart and Animal Crossing, but we also carry out various kinds of software engineering work that is required to support our games. This includes the creation of operating systems, software development kits, drivers and other core components needed to run our video game systems such as Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS. It also includes the development, building and operation of the servers that support the digital-download sales of our games, online battles and the Nintendo network service, which is a game-linked website. Nintendo Internship 2017, held in February 2017, was as an opportunity to showcase these jobs to a wide array of students, and for them to experience the fun and challenges that go with working on software. Now in its third year, the 2017 program welcomed 14 students in game programming, 10 in system development, 9 in network development and 14 in sound programming to get a feel for working in this field at Nintendo.

Contribution of a Nintendo Character

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Mini-calendar cover

 In Japan, the Children's Rights Hotline is a helpline that children can call for assistance if they become aware of human rights violations. The Kyoto District Legal Affairs Bureau and others operate the hotline to protect children from abuse and extreme cases of bullying. Since 1999, Nintendo Co., Ltd. has provided Mario to feature in the Children's Rights Hotline campaign. A mini-calendar is distributed to all students attending elementary and junior high schools in Kyoto Prefecture. This campaign has been well received by everyone, especially the children.

A Mario Level Design Workshop for Families

Nintendo of America Inc.

 In January 2017, Nintendo of America collaborated with City Dads Group, an organization focused on giving dads a network to bond with their children, to host a workshop highlighting the creation aspect of Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS. Nintendo game experts hosted the workshop at Los Angeles Public Library and provided the many participating families with an opportunity to learn about video game stage-building methods and ideas while communicating and enjoying building together.

Support for the Ovarian Cancer Society

Nintendo of Canada Ltd.

 Nintendo of Canada supported the Ovarian Cancer Society's Walk for Hope in September 2016. Approximately 30 employees as well as their families and friends took part in the walk, and Nintendo of Canada set up a tent to give participants gift bags containing merchandise such as stickers, activity books and coloring pages. Mario also participated in the walk and brought smiles to everyone involved.

Making a Critically Ill Boy's Dream Come True

Nintendo Ibérica, S.A. (Spain)

 Nintendo Ibérica worked with the Fundación Pequeño Deseo organization, which works to fulfill the dreams of critically ill children, to help make a 10-year old boy's dream come true in October 2016.
 The boy's favorite character is Link from the Legend of Zelda video game series. Nintendo Ibérica employees wearing Mario hats, along with Mario himself, greeted the boy at the Nintendo Ibérica office. The boy was given an office tour, and the staff prepared a Zelda-themed game for him in which employees provided clues leading to a room with treasure chests in it. The boy thoroughly enjoyed himself, and the employees said that the look of excitement on his face increased their motivation.

Incorporating Games Into School Lessons

Nintendo Benelux B.V. (Belgium)

 The Belgium office of Nintendo Benelux took up a suggestion from an elementary school teacher who wanted to find ways to incorporate games into lessons, and began collaborating on the Gaming in the Classroom project from fiscal year 2015. Games are used in lessons for approximately an hour each week so that students can have fun while learning. In addition, Nintendo Benelux employees attend parents meetings and spend time explaining features for safer gameplay at home, such as Parental Controls and how content ratings can be used to identify games for specific age groups.
 Nintendo Benelux is also actively involved in additional ways to participate in many charitable activities as part of their efforts to give back to society.

Continuous Support for the Starlight Children's Foundation

Nintendo of America Inc. Nintendo of Canada Ltd. Nintendo of Europe GmbH, UK Branch Nintendo Australia Pty Limited

 Nintendo of America, Nintendo of Canada, Nintendo of Europe's UK branch and Nintendo Australia have a long-standing partnership with the Starlight Children's Foundation, a nonprofit organization that provides support to seriously ill children and their families.
 For over 25 years, Nintendo of America and Starlight have been creating special moments for kids and families facing the most difficult times of their lives, and to date, have placed more than 8,500 Fun Centers* in hospitals across North America. In fiscal year 2016, Nintendo of America also began working with Starlight to bring smiles to children by replacing unattractive and uncomfortable hospital garments with bright, new Starlight Brave Gowns featuring characters such as Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Donkey Kong and Yoshi. These gowns will help comfort and empower kids, letting them take their favorite Mushroom Kingdom friend on their treatment journey.
 Nintendo of Canada participated in an event at the BC Children's Hospital, setting up Wii U and NES Classic Edition Fun Centers for the children to play with, and an appearance by Luigi was met with delight from the children.
 Nintendo of Europe's UK branch also continues to work with Starlight to provide Fun Centers to hospitals. To date, approximately 1,500 Fun Centers have been made available to entertain children undergoing treatment in hospitals in the UK.
 Nintendo Australia also supports Starlight through various events throughout the year and on "Starlight Day," which is an important charity event held annually in Australia. In addition, a Mario Kart event was held in fiscal year 2016 for children fighting critical illnesses. With Mario making an appearance, this event was fun for both the children and the Nintendo Australia employees.

* Fun Center
A mobile entertainment device combining a flat-screen TV, a video game system and DVD player that can be freely moved around a hospital. Fun Centers can roll right up to the side of a young patient's bed, or anywhere in the hospital, making them ideal for children in various situations by reducing the children's anxiety levels and providing them with a more normalized environment. Fun Centers are also a great way for patients to spend time with family members during an extended hospital stay.

 In addition to the activities displayed above, we also cooperate with a variety of regional organizations to bring smiles to the community through our products. For more information, please refer to the Nintendo Co., Ltd. CSR Q&A: Community Relations.

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