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Nintendo's CSR / Putting Smiles on the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches

Nintendo's CSR

Putting Smiles on the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches

At Nintendo, we define our corporate social responsibility (CSR) as putting smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches. As our business activities affect society in many ways, we decided that, starting in fiscal year 2015, we would place even greater emphasis on CSR, based on both internal and external expectations.

Shareholders and Investors

We work to build relations of trust with our shareholders and investors through the return of profits and timely disclosure of information. We also strive to continuously improve our corporate value for long-term partnerships.


We are committed to being a corporate citizen that is held in high regard by society, through contributions that only Nintendo can make.


At Nintendo, our goal is to continue bringing smiles to the next generation of children. To that end, we carefully consider the ways in which we design our products, and conduct business activities from an environmental perspective. In this way, we can better fulfill our responsibility to preserve the global environment for future generations.


We strive to constantly improve the quality of our products by learning from consumer feedback. Our goal is to always provide consumers with fun, safe and comfortable experiences.

Business Partners

We strive to build even stronger relationships with our business partners, in a wide variety of industries, to help make our consumers smile.


We aim to create an environment in which all employees can fully demonstrate their individual strengths and realize their maximum potential.

CSR Priority Areas

  • CSR Management

    Based on the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle, we strive to be an organization that can periodically review its own involvement in projects, identify potential issues in advance and take necessary actions. At the same time, we make efforts to ensure that everyone we interact with understands our thought processes. We are also fully aware of society's expectations for Nintendo.

  • Innovation

    Pursuing the New Potential of Video Games

    Games can positively affect society as they offer the potential for new forms of communication. We hope that people will recognize this by using our products. Our goal is to enable even one more person to live a happier, more fulfilling life through their use of Nintendo products.

  • CSR Procurement

    Advancing CSR Procurement With Our Production Partners

    Advancing CSR activities throughout the entire supply chain is a way to not only improve working conditions for those employed at our production sites, but to also produce high-quality products and, ultimately, lead to more consumer smiles. We continue to work together with our production partners, and focus on mutual understanding and communication.

  • Diversity

    Promoting a Diverse Work Environment

    At Nintendo, we bring together employees with a wide range of characteristics and work together to make those we interact with smile. Providing our employees with a working environment that empowers them is among the sources of our competitive edge. In addition, it is critical that we, as a global corporation, foster within our employees an appropriate awareness of human rights.

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