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Maximizing Our Employees' Strengths / Nintendo is committed to creating and maintaining a work environment where all employees can apply and expand their strengths to realize their full potential and benefit the company as a whole.

Maximizing Our Employees' Strengths

Nintendo is committed to creating and maintaining a work environment where all employees can apply and expand their strengths to realize their full potential and benefit the company as a whole.

Benefiting the Company as a Whole

Benefiting the Company as a Whole

 We recognize that the strengths and talents of each employee inspire Nintendo's competitive edge. We strongly believe that promoting the development of each employee to his or her fullest potential is the best way to increase the long-term collective strength of the company and the best path to individual job satisfaction.

Nintendo's Ideals for Employees

 To continue introducing products that make people around the world smile, Nintendo strives to foster the ideals of intellectual curiosity, originality and flexibility, open communication, consideration for viewpoints of others, and a strong spirit of service in its employees. In addition, at Nintendo Co., Ltd., we have distributed the Nintendo Standards of Behavior, which constitutes the policy for all actions at Nintendo. These guidelines include the Nintendo Code of Conduct and the Nintendo DNA — the spirit and strength of our prized heritage.
 Our overseas subsidiaries also have implemented their own codes of conduct, which have been approved by management and adapted to the laws, regulations and cultures of their respective countries.

Human Resource Development

 Responding to a rapidly changing environment and continuously offering new surprises is certainly not an easy task. To continue to produce an unprecedented level of fun, Nintendo Co., Ltd. seeks to cultivate personnel that act on their own initiative and continue to take on challenges while adapting well to change. In addition to orientation training for all new employees, active on-the-job training in each department, and a full range of in-house development programs, the company provides opportunities for employees to attend external seminars for career growth.
 In addition, Nintendo Co., Ltd. aims to achieve a structure that encourages good cycles of growth for each employee and the company as a whole. To provide for long-term competency development, employees have the opportunity annually to reflect on their past work experiences, analyze their strengths and present challenges, and consider how they can develop and fulfill their potential.
 Likewise, our overseas subsidiaries also provide appropriate development opportunities for employees. For example, employees with many different native languages work together at our European subsidiaries. To optimize internal communications, these subsidiaries offer employee assistance if needed, for instance, in English language instruction as English is the common business language.

Nintendo DNA

Nintendo's Ideals for Employees

Evaluation System for Personal Development

 Nintendo Co., Ltd. uses bi-annual evaluations to provide employees with opportunities to work on their personal career development plans and skill development. Employees are given a proprietary set of evaluation competencies that derive from Nintendo's Ideals to help them create their own personal development plans.
 Before employees are evaluated by their managers, they have the opportunity to conduct self-evaluations of their professional behavior and accomplishments. Comparing this self-evaluation with their managers' feedback provides employees an opportunity to discuss any discrepancies in perception and outline new goals for personal development. Employees also have the opportunity to make proposals to the company.
 This process encourages employees to show initiative and increases their ability to make proposals and contribute to the company. We also use this process to actively solicit the opinions of our employees as part of an ongoing policy improvement process.

Promoting a Diverse Work Environment

Promoting a Diverse Work Environment

Equal Opportunity and Respect for Diversity

 Because the world of entertainment offers consumers a diverse range of hobbies and preferences, leveraging a diverse workforce is crucial to raising the collective strength of the company. Nintendo Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of employing individuals with a wide array of abilities, and we respect and aim to make full use of each employee's multifaceted talents and strengths. In addition, we base our employee assessments and compensation on demonstrated merit, which is in line with strict laws governing the fair treatment of employees, regardless of factors such as gender, age, nationality, disability, gender role or gender identity.

Trends in the Number of Employees (consolidated)

Ratio of Male & Female Employees for FY 2016

Nintendo Co., Ltd.'s Policy on Human Rights
  1. We do not discriminate or incite discrimination on the basis of factors such as race, ethnicity, nationality, ideas, religion, beliefs, origin, social standing or status, profession, gender, age, disability, gender role or gender identity.
  2. We do not discriminate or incite discrimination on the basis of factors mentioned above, not only in the company but also in our value chain.
  3. We respect the rights of all people, and do not condone any forms of harassment or discrimination through our words or actions.
  4. We respect the different cultures and practices of the countries in which we operate, and we do not act in any discriminatory or inappropriate manner in those contexts.
  5. We comply with global laws, guidelines and standards related to human rights, and endeavor to eliminate any kinds of illegal labor, such as child labor or forced labor, from our business activities including supply chain.

Nintendo Australia Pty Limited

Holding Diversity Awareness Events

 At Nintendo Australia, employees of various cultural backgrounds work together. In an effort to help employees understand cultural differences on a deeper level, the CSR Committee has organized diversity-themed events for the past two years. In fiscal year 2016, the committee held a Diversity Food & Games event that invited employees to bring food or games that represented their cultural background to share with other employees. Employees wore traditional costumes from their culture and ate dishes from 16 different countries while discussing cultural traditions. Nintendo Australia will build on the success of this event by introducing new cultural diversity programs.

Nintendo's Policy on Women's Careers

 Nintendo's policy on the utilization of human resources is to promote employees based on the abilities they demonstrate, regardless of gender or other factors. Empowering women is one important way to make the company more competitive, and since the software industry is said to include fewer women in general, we recognize the importance of creating an environment where female employees can give full play to their abilities. We are developing systems suited to the specific circumstances in each country.
 In accordance with the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace enacted in April 2016, Nintendo Co., Ltd. intends to raise the ratio of women recruited or promoted by 5 percent during the next five years starting from fiscal year 2017, compared with the cumulative percentage for the last five years (fiscal years 2012-2016; approx. 20 percent). In addition, Nintendo Co., Ltd. employees are entitled to work reduced hours until their child completes the third year of elementary school, and we recently made it easier for employees to change their working hours to accommodate their individual childcare needs.

Employee's Comments

Kana Kashiwagi

Kana Kashiwagi

Development Administration & Support Department

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Making Employees Smile

 When I first started working for Nintendo, I was located at Nintendo Co., Ltd.'s domestic sales office and was responsible for general affairs, accounting and sales and marketing. I then also had the opportunity of working in the materials procurement division. After taking Maternity and Childcare Leave twice, I now work at the Development Center in the Development Administration & Support Department.
 In addition to managing the attendance of development staff and overseeing cafeteria operations, I am in charge of further developing systems that support employees in balancing work and childcare. My own experience of having two children and working Reduced Hours means that I am capable of thinking on the same level and from the same perspective as others raising children while working at Nintendo, and I am thinking of ways to improve our working environment on a daily basis.

 I believe that the way we approach tasks is also important for balancing work and childcare. As there are times when my children are ill and I suddenly have to take time off, I always ensure that I communicate well with those around me and share information appropriately to avoid causing delays.
 I am grateful that I have a manager who facilitates my professional growth and a team that supports each other. It is through their support that I am able to work while raising my children. I truly believe that happy employees lead to happy consumers, so as an employee in a division responsible for maintaining and developing our working environment, I aim to make my peers smile.

Secure Employment for Older Employees

 Although many Japanese companies set the retirement age at 60, Nintendo Co., Ltd. strives to guarantee secure employment until the age of 65. To help employees with their future career and retirement planning, the company periodically invites expert instructors for "second-career" and life-planning sessions.
 Laws and customs differ from country to country, so our overseas subsidiaries do not implement a mandatory retirement age.

Employee Status (Nintendo Co., Ltd. only)

* Legal requirement: 2.0%

Preventing Harassment

 Nintendo Co., Ltd. clearly prohibits sexual harassment and other acts of harassment in its Nintendo Standards of Behavior, which is distributed to every employee, and in its Compliance Manual. These documents contain concrete examples of harassment and precautions for every workplace. We take complaints regarding harassment seriously and have a system in place called the Harassment Consultation Service Counter for responding promptly and appropriately. The company provides harassment prevention seminars for employees in management positions that cover not only the prevention of sexual harassment but all forms of workplace harassment.
 Our overseas subsidiaries also explicitly prohibit acts of harassment in their codes of conduct.

Harassment prevention seminar

Balancing Work and Family

 Nintendo strives to provide an environment that enables employees to exercise their talents fully while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. For example, Nintendo Co., Ltd. has been certified twice with the Kurumin Mark. The Kurumin Mark is a symbol granted by Japan's Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare to enterprises and organizations that actively support child rearing in accordance with the Japanese Act for Measures to Support the Development of the Next Generation.
 In addition, Nintendo Co., Ltd. introduced a human resources system that allows employees to select work environments best suited to themselves. Each person can choose the career track or the general track depending on their sense of value concerning work, and their lifestyle. The general track involves no transfers as it is based on local recruitment, and employees on this track are entitled to take longer Childcare Leave compared to those on the career track, enabling general track employees to demonstrate their ability while balancing work and home. Our overseas subsidiaries also strive to provide the ideal working environment. For more information about the initiatives of our overseas subsidiaries, refer to the Nintendo Co., Ltd. CSR Q&A: Employee Relations.

Kurumin Mark

How Our System Goes Beyond the Law and Supports Employees' Work-Life Balance (Nintendo Co., Ltd. only)

Usage Status (Nintendo Co., Ltd. only)

Creating a Safe and Healthy Workplace

Creating a Safe and Healthy Workplace

 Because physical and mental well-being is essential to employee work satisfaction and skill development, Nintendo has implemented measures aimed at promoting employee well-being.

Ensuring Health and Safety in the Workplace

 At Nintendo Co., Ltd., the Health Committee, which serves at our headquarters and branch offices, and the Health and Safety Committee, which serves at our plants, actively engage in efforts to promote health and safety. In addition to routine inspections within the company, the committee members also set various goals for increasing employee awareness, such as improving medical checkup results. These committees also work to raise overall company awareness through various means such as attending workshops on lifesaving and disaster-prevention training, and providing information relating to health and safety.
 Our overseas subsidiaries also have systems in place to promote health and safety or conduct internal audits to evaluate working conditions.

Physical and Mental Well-Being

 Nintendo Co., Ltd. actively supports the physical and mental health of its employees. For example, the company supports proactive employee health maintenance plans and has established a health consultation room staffed by an occupational health physician and a health nurse for consultations on physical and mental problems. In addition to facilitating in-person visits with an occupational health physician and a health nurse for help with mental health issues, Nintendo Co., Ltd. has introduced a system of mental health support designed for the prevention and early detection of mental health problems. This system supports self-care as well as training and education for managers.
 In addition, improving preventative health care management is one of our main measures, and we continue to focus on increasing the consultation rate for the adult disease prevention health checks. Since fiscal year 2013, we have offered all employees informative brochures on the prevention of various lifestyle diseases with the results of their annual health check, which is carried out every September, and we entered into an agreement with a hospital highly regarded for its female health screenings (breast cancer, cervical cancer examinations), enabling female employees of any age to receive discounted screenings at any time of the year.
 Each overseas subsidiary also has developed various support systems aimed at improving the well-being of its employees.

A Selection of Health Care Measures Offered by Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Interviews for Employees Working Long Hours
 In an effort to prevent health problems related to long working hours, consultations with our occupational health physician are conducted not only on a voluntary basis, but with all employees working over a specified number of hours. The occupational health physician gives appropriate advice and guidance to the employee and the company to prevent health problems from occurring.
Increasing the Consultation Rate for Female Health Screenings
 We entered into an agreement with a hospital highly regarded for its female health screenings, enabling female employees of any age to receive discounted screenings at any time of the year.
Mental Health Care
 The occupational health physician provides regular consultations for employees taking a leave of absence, and aids a smooth return to work by taking various measures in the month before the employee returns, such as having the employee practice commuting to work each day and reviewing their daily routine. Regular consultations with the occupational health physician continue after the employee has returned to work, with systems set up for the employee to work reduced hours, etc.
 We have implemented a Stress Check system that gives employees the opportunity to reflect on and evaluate the state of their mental health. When necessary, we quickly follow-up with employees, offering sessions with the occupational health physician or an external counselor we have engaged.
Prevention of Influenza and Other Communicable Diseases
 Information concerning influenza and other communicable diseases is provided on the intranet, as well as measures regarding alert levels to raise employees' awareness. Employees traveling overseas receive health information about the country they are planning to visit, and employees who are preparing to work overseas receive health checks and vaccinations, along with their families.

Nintendo of America Inc.

Initiatives to Raise Employee Health Awareness

 The Wellness Committee at Nintendo of America works to improve all aspects of employee health and well-being by providing information, resources, and events. Since 2006, a primary effort has been to offer annual physicals to employees, even though they are not required under U.S. law.
 In fiscal year 2016, the committee once again held the Fall Into Fitness Challenge. Employees split into teams and competed to see which one would take the highest average number of steps and win a prize. A total of 224 employees participated in the challenge, and the winning team took an average of over 320,000 steps over the four-week period. The Maintain Don't Gain Challenge was also held to help employees maintain or lose weight over the holiday season. The six-week challenge resulted in 96 percent of participants maintaining or losing weight. Another health promotion program started in October 2015 to encourage participants to increase daily opportunities for exercise. Over 50 percent of Nintendo of America employees have participated in the program. Wristband devices are distributed to participants and enable them to track distance, steps, calories burned and sleep. Connected to a web portal and smart device application, the devices encourage employees in friendly competitions with others, and provide daily health and exercise information emails.
 The Wellness Committee also gathered teams to participate in a range of marathons, walks, and cycling events.

Nintendo Ibérica, S.A. (Spain)

Improving Eating Habits to Maintain Healthy Lifestyles

 At Nintendo Ibérica, the CSR Committee is devoted to encouraging employees to maintain healthy lifestyles. From October 2016, the committee decided to provide fruit for employees in an effort to promote healthy eating habits and reduce the consumption of snacks such as biscuits, and bread and butter. On the first Friday of each month, 10kg of seasonal fruit is delivered to the office. Employees are enjoying having healthy snacks in the office, and the CSR Committee plans to continue activities that raise awareness for healthy eating habits.

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