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Pursuing the New Potential of Video Games / Providing New and Fun Experiences With Nintendo Switch

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Pursuing the New Potential of Video Games

Providing New and Fun Experiences With Nintendo Switch

At Nintendo, we have developed Nintendo SwitchTM as a new video game system that enables users to experience a wider range of gameplay styles. Users can move away from their television screens and take the Nintendo Switch system with them to play wherever they like. Moreover, because users can have fun playing with Nintendo Switch alone, in large groups or with anyone, and the system provides fun experiences that people throughout the world have never seen before, we hope to see even those who have had little to no experience with video games smiling and enjoying themselves.

A Hardware System With Three Play Modes

 With Nintendo Switch, three different gameplay modes, namely, TV mode, tabletop mode and handheld mode, can be selected to suit the gaming situation. By changing the mode, users can have fun anywhere, any time, with anyone. In TV mode, Nintendo Switch can be connected to a large-screen TV so that the whole family can share in the fun. Tabletop mode can be used even in locations without a TV by sharing the Nintendo Switch screen to play. Handheld mode enables users to have fun with engaging games, whenever they please.

TV mode

Tabletop mode

Handheld mode

Sharing Two Controllers Easily

 Nintendo Switch comes with a pair of left and right Joy-Con controllers that can be used independently when detached from the system. By sharing one of the Joy-Con controllers with a friend, users can start competing or cooperating with each other anywhere. We hope that in addition to gaming veterans, people who have had little to no experience with games, will be attracted to this feature, and start having fun and interacting with others more.

Fun, New Communication as Your Eyes Meet

 Nintendo Switch fully utilizes new functionality that we have reviewed and researched extensively at Nintendo. The use of the HD rumble*1 feature enables users to, for example, experience the realistic sensation of ice cubes colliding in a glass if they move the Joy-Con controller, and the IR Motion Camera*2 has the ability to recognize such things as the shape and movement of objects. Incorporating such features broadens the range of expressions possible with only the Joy-Con controller, enabling users to play without looking at the screen. One example of this is 1-2-Switch, a new video game in which players can enjoy facing off while looking each other in the eye. The mini-games included in 1-2-Switch, such as Ball Count and Safe Crack, use the HD rumble feature to, for example, enable players to count the number of balls in a box, judging solely from the sensations of the Joy-Con controller in their hand, or use the Joy-Con controller as the dial on a safe and slowly turn it to work out the combination. The mini-game Eating Contest uses the IR Motion Camera to detect how many sandwiches a player has eaten, based on the chomping movements of their mouth, to determine who wins the contest. These new and fun experiences that anyone can easily enjoy were made possible through Nintendo's years of extensive research.

The HD (high-definition) rumble feature enables a rich variety of vibration movements.
The IR Motion Camera is a camera that detects the shape, movement and distance of objects.
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