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CSR Management / Advancing, Step by Step, To Where We Want to Be

CSR Priority Areas

CSR Management

Advancing, Step by Step,
To Where We Want to Be

We promote CSR activities across the entire Nintendo Group to ensure our CSR approach reaches all of our employees. We set objectives for each fiscal year and then use the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle to develop and promote activities at even higher levels.

Establishing Objectives for Our Mid-Term Plan for CSR Promotion

 In accordance with the fiscal year 2015 mid-term plan for CSR promotion, we, at Nintendo Co., Ltd., have established four priority areas to focus on: pursuing the new potential of video games, advancing CSR procurement together with production partners, realizing a more diverse workplace and CSR management. Objectives were set for each of these four priority areas and broken down into three phases with each phase taking three years. Specific efforts to achieve these objectives include setting a goal for each fiscal year and using the PDCA cycle to implement improvements for greater results. Fiscal year 2017 will be the final year for Phase 1 of the mid-term plan for CSR promotion. To ensure transition to active involvement in the next phase, we will review our progress to date and examine topics that will require more effort moving forward.

 Every six months, we share information with our overseas subsidiaries on the progress made with respect to the objectives in our priority areas.

Mid-Term Plan for CSR Promotion (FY)

Activities to Promote Employee Understanding of CSR

 The most important part of promoting CSR activities is ensuring that all employees on the frontlines understand the importance of CSR. At Nintendo Co., Ltd. in Japan, we established three main pillars for activities to advance CSR initiatives: raise awareness, deepen understanding and seek participation. The focus for fiscal year 2016 was on raising awareness about CSR, and this was disseminated primarily through an internal communications newsletter, with articles that explained how CSR relates to the work each employee performs at Nintendo. In the future, by creating opportunities, such as internal seminars, for employees to deepen their understanding of CSR, and by gradually increasing employee participation in activities that give back to society in ways only Nintendo can achieve, employees will become even more aware of CSR issues.

 At Nintendo Australia, the CSR Committee aims to increase employee understanding of CSR by sending out a CSR newsletter to all employees there. In fiscal year 2016, the committee published four newsletters, showcasing their recent CSR initiatives. One issue highlighted a program that brought the children of employees to work, to show the children what kind of work their parents perform for Nintendo Australia. The inclusion of pictures drawn by the children and photographs of the event helped to bolster employee interest in the newsletter, and this increased readership further promoted a deeper understanding of CSR activities among employees.

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