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President's Message / Without Fear of Change, Nintendo Continues Its Efforts to Put Smiles on the Faces of Everyone It Touches

President's Message

Without Fear of Change, Nintendo Continues Its Efforts to Put Smiles on the Faces of Everyone It Touches

Protecting what is important and changing what needs to be changed, without being bound by tradition.
At Nintendo, we continually work to create new surprises. These efforts are based on our corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy: putting smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches.

Representative Director and President Nintendo Co., Ltd. Tatsumi KimishimaRepresentative Director and President Nintendo Co., Ltd. Tatsumi Kimishima

Pursuing the New Potential of Video Games to Deliver Even More Surprises and Smiles

 At Nintendo, we have thus far provided fresh and fun surprises to make everyone we interact with smile. This policy will remain unchanged as we move forward; we want to provide people throughout the world with new and fun experiences that they have never had before.

 Nintendo Switch was launched in March 2017 as a new platform that is a home console video game system and is also portable, enabling users to have fun anywhere. Nintendo Switch includes gameplay styles and game content that our fans have not previously experienced with Nintendo games. It also includes various ideas that enable people to instantly enjoy themselves even if they have not yet played video games. An example of this would be 1-2-Switch, a game exclusive to Nintendo Switch that was released on the same day as the system launch. In this game, two players face off by looking each other in the eye, instead of watching the game screen. New forms of communication are created as each player tries to predict the other's moves through their gestures and the looks on their faces. Although the origins of 1-2-Switch can be traced back to Hanafuda (traditional Japanese playing cards with flower motifs) and the decks of four-suit playing cards that Nintendo has made from the beginning, 1-2-Switch offers a completely new type of gaming experience that fully utilizes Nintendo's unwavering strengths.

 Our efforts to produce new surprises are not limited to Nintendo Switch. We are constantly working to provide new software for Nintendo 3DS and new applications for smart devices. We are also expanding our community of smiles with a variety of collaborative efforts that involve companies beyond the game-development field. This is part of our basic strategy to expand the population that experiences Nintendo's intellectual property (IP).

Collaborating to Move Forward With CSR

 We constantly strive to consider all our stakeholders with the "omotenashi" spirit of traditional Japanese hospitality to put smiles on the faces of everyone Nintendo touches.

 For instance, we developed Nintendo Switch Parental Controls, a free application that enables parents and guardians to easily monitor their children's gameplay activities by using a smart device linked to their Nintendo Switch system. Not only can parents and guardians easily restrict the types of software that their children can play based on their children's ages as well as posts to social media, but there is functionality to set an alarm notification for when their children exceed the agreed amount of gameplay time. Parents and guardians can also use the reporting features to review, at a glance, which games their children are playing. Nintendo Switch Parental Controls is an application that encourages parents and guardians to communicate with their children and jointly decide on guidelines for how they have fun with games.

 With Nintendo Switch, we also focused on its ability to deliver high performance with low power consumption. All feasible efforts were made to reduce the environmental load on the planet while still improving performance through technological innovations. Our approach to environmental issues also drove us to reconsider how we package our products and to make our operations manuals available online instead of providing printed copies. Conserving natural resources remains a priority at Nintendo.

 Since fiscal year 2007, we have placed a CSR focus on CSR procurement as we work closely with our production partners to deliver products that are both high-quality and safe throughout the world. I believe that physically going to each location to assess the conditions and issues at hand, and working with our production partners to consider what is necessary to build on our mutual strengths, has resulted in the improved production we are seeing this time.

 In addition, we believe it is critical for all of us to come together in our diverse workplaces to create new ideas and innovations. The conditions and issues that surround diversity will naturally vary by country and region. In this regard, at Nintendo, our basic policy is to ensure that the responsible parties in different regions accurately understand the issues at stake and are independently making efforts to constantly identify and implement optimal solutions.

Our Value Creation Source Lies in the Nintendo DNA Within Each Employee

 There are three core components to the Nintendo DNA that have been fostered by each and every one of our employees: originality, flexibility and sincerity. These components are the source of our ability to create value within a gaming industry that is highly competitive and constantly changing. We know that we will need to rely on the strengths derived from the Nintendo DNA to continue offering new and fun experiences. That is why we need proactive internal structures that support people who are willing to take risks without fear of failure and encourage them to get the job done autonomously. When we began work on Nintendo Switch, we adopted an internal structure completely different from the past to develop this new hardware system. We made many changes, such as selecting employees who had previously focused on software development to lead the hardware development project. We determined that such changes were necessary to create new ideas and products, and it is critical that we adopt internal policies that are not reliant on past models.

 At Nintendo, we will continue to pursue new possibilities for fun while remaining aware of the structures and systems that enable employees, who are steeped in the Nintendo DNA, to continually take on challenges.

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