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Nintendo's CSR / Putting Smiles on the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches

Nintendo's CSR

Putting Smiles on the Faces of Everyone Nintendo Touches

As Nintendo's business activities affect society in many ways, our corporate social responsibility (CSR) activities have been based on the mid-term plan for CSR promotion since fiscal year 2015, aiming to respond to both internal and external demands and expectations.

Communication With Everyone Nintendo Touches
Our Stakeholders ActivitiesCommunication Methods
ConsumersTo ensure that our consumers can enjoy our products with comfort at all times, we implement mechanisms to respond to consumers and strive to continually create even higher quality products by learning from their feedback.Customer service centers, repair and maintenance centers, retailers, Nintendo corporate websites, online inquiry services, counterfeit product reporting services, CSR report, etc.
Business PartnersWe strive to create an environment that provides our consumers with better products, and therefore we create beneficial relationships with our production partners, development partners and sales partners.CSR procurement, Nintendo CSR Procurement Guidelines, third-party audits, on-site inspections, new product information sessions, CSR report, etc.
EmployeesWe are committed to creating and maintaining an environment where every employee can take advantage of their strengths and realize their maximum potential.President's address, code of conduct, employee handbook, training, periodic evaluations, health and safety committees, health consultation rooms, information sharing via corporate intranet sites, CSR report, etc.
Future Generations (Environment)To put smiles on the faces of future generations, including children, we recognize it is our important responsibility to make a better environment to be passed on for the future. We are committed to maximizing global environmental protection in our product design processes and in our business activities.ISO 14001 certification, green procurement, chemical substance control, CSR report, etc.
CommunitiesWe are committed to being a corporate citizen that is valued by society and is recognized for our unique contributions.Various programs designed to give back to local communities, CSR report, etc.
Shareholders and InvestorsWe strive to maximize our corporate value and build relationships of trust with our shareholders and investors to create long-term relationships through returns on profit and the disclosure of important information in a timely and appropriate manner.Convocation notice, general meetings of shareholders, financial results briefings, corporate management policy briefings, Nintendo corporate websites, annual report, securities report, corporate governance report, CSR report, etc.

CSR Priority Areas

  • CSR Management

    Based on the PDCA (plan-do-check-act) cycle, we strive to be an organization that can periodically review its own involvement in projects, identify potential issues in advance and take necessary actions. At the same time, we make efforts to ensure that everyone we interact with understands our thought processes. We are also fully aware of society's expectations for Nintendo.

  • Innovation

    Pursuing the New Potential of Video Games

    Games can positively affect society as they offer the potential for new forms of communication. We hope that people will recognize this by using our products. Our goal is to enable even one more person to live a happier, more fulfilling life through their use of Nintendo products.

  • CSR Procurement

    Advancing CSR Procurement With Our Production Partners

    Advancing CSR activities throughout the entire supply chain is a way to not only improve working conditions for those employed at our production sites, but to also produce high-quality products and, ultimately, lead to more consumer smiles. We continue to work together with our production partners, and focus on mutual understanding and communication.

  • Diversity

    Promoting a Diverse Work Environment

    At Nintendo, we bring together employees with a wide range of characteristics and work together to make those we interact with smile. Providing our employees with a working environment that empowers them is among the sources of our competitive edge. In addition, it is critical that we, as a global corporation, foster within our employees an appropriate awareness of human rights.

Mid-Term Plan for CSR Promotion

 At Nintendo, we believe it is important to both identify our CSR goals and establish targets to guide steady progress toward these goals. Accordingly, we formulated our mid-term plan for CSR promotion in 2015 to set mid-term objectives for our CSR activities. Based on factors such as societal demands, the nature of our business, and the opinions of people inside and outside the company, we established four CSR priority areas: CSR Management, Pursuing the New Potential of Video Games, Advancing CSR Procurement With Our Production Partners and Promoting a Diverse Work Environment. We then broke down our objectives into three phases with each phase taking three years.

Mid-Term Plan for CSR Promotion (FY)

Advancing, Step by Step, To Where We Want to Be

 We are making progress on the four CSR priority areas determined under the mid-term plan for CSR promotion, a plan established in 2015 that is broken down into three phases (Phase 1 - Phase 3), with each phase taking three years. Fiscal year 2017 was the final year of Phase 1 (FY 2015 - FY 2017), and here we outline our initiatives in each region.

CSR Management

 We regularly review our efforts based on the plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle, which enables us to identify potential issues at an early stage. We have set up committees or dedicated personnel in each region to ensure that we are an organization that can respond to these issues accordingly. While strengthening our systems for advancing CSR, we make efforts to ensure that everyone we interact with understands our thought processes. We are also fully aware of the societal expectations of Nintendo.

Mid-Term Plan for CSR Promotion Phase 1
1. Specify Priority Areas

 Nintendo's business activities vary widely. We identified four CSR priority areas, in line with both internal and external demands and expectations. We carried out several activities, such as a global survey of employees and communication with our production partners, to gather data to identify those priority areas. Based on that data, the CSR representatives from each country came together to share and discuss national and regional cultural and legal differences.

Specify Priority Areas

2. Educate Employees Throughout the Company on Our Approach to CSR

Educate Employees Throughout the Company on Our Approach to CSR

 We worked to build employee awareness, through seminars and the use of our corporate intranets, to develop an accurate understanding of CSR. At Nintendo Co., Ltd., we established three main pillars for employee education activities: know more, understand more and participate more. Activities outside of Japan were facilitated by regional CSR committees or personnel that promoted region-specific activities and fostered awareness.

3. Decide on and Execute Strategies for Priority Areas

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

Nintendo Co., Ltd.

 Nintendo Co., Ltd. promotes CSR activities globally as a cross-functional project, rather than creating a dedicated department or division to do so. The CSR Promotion Project Team plays a central role for these project-based CSR activities. We have positioned 2018 as a year to make steady progress, both by reflecting on Phase 1 of the mid-term plan for CSR promotion and by creating specific plans for Phase 2. We will continue to promote CSR activities in ways that are unique to Nintendo, addressing social issues that affect business, including the relationship between business and human rights, and environmental topics, while remaining focused on our four CSR priority areas.

Nintendo of America Inc.

Nintendo of America Inc.

 At Nintendo of America, we strive to embody a concept that comes from the Japanese word "omotenashi," which signifies hospitality, but also something deeper. It means we treat everyone we interact with as our respected guests. It also means that, as a multinational organization, we are stewards of principles that foster responsible business practices, support human rights and ensure we are reaching ever higher standards as we learn and grow.
 During Phase 1 of our mid-term plan for CSR promotion, the CSR Committee identified areas for study and improvement to deepen and broaden our CSR initiatives. We built a cross-divisional team to better understand how we could support and advance employee diversity within the company. And we are conducting a formal review of how our business activity intersects with the global supply chain so we can ensure that all of our practices support socially responsible purchases and relationships within our procurement network. As we embark on Phase 2 of our plan, we will continue our efforts to drive change in those areas, as well as research new ways to further minimize our environmental footprint, enhance workplace health and safety to promote employee well-being, and foster a workplace that is diverse both in identities and ideas. We remain committed to treating everyone with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Nintendo of Europe GmbH (Germany)

Nintendo of Europe GmbH (Germany)

 The Nintendo of Europe CSR Committee was established in 2015, and is made up of representatives from relevant departments with the joint aim of promoting CSR activities and general awareness of CSR within the company. Each member deeply understands CSR and has a unique perspective due to his or her role and department, and together we discuss possible CSR activities and ideas, as well as broader CSR topics. One important promotional activity we focused on in Phase 1 was the creation of the "CSR Channel" on the intranet to share CSR information with all employees. We will continue to discuss topics from each department actively within the committee, advance CSR activities throughout the company, report on these activities through CSR Channel and update CSR Channel content, all with the aim of effectively spreading employee understanding of CSR.

Nintendo Australia Pty Limited

Nintendo Australia Pty Limited

 At Nintendo Australia, a CSR committee comprising employees from multiple departments assists the Nintendo Group with its CSR initiatives at the local level. In Phase 1, the committee's main challenge was raising awareness and knowledge of Nintendo's CSR activities. As part of this, we decided to publish staff newsletters quarterly, with articles and photos of CSR activities undertaken by the committee and other volunteers. In addition to raising awareness of our CSR activities, these efforts also resulted in an increase in the committee's membership, which has enabled us to focus on our plans for Phase 2 and improve existing initiatives, including activities relating to diversity in the workplace. In addition to activities initiated by Nintendo Australia, we also receive and respond to requests from various community groups to support their initiatives. We have found that we can use our video game systems and software in a diverse range of CSR activities, and we hope to continue diversifying our projects and collaborating with a broader range of select community groups.

Nintendo's CSR Promotion System

 Nintendo Co., Ltd. sees the promotion of CSR as not just the responsibility of a single department. Rather it is something that must be promoted through the work of all departments involved. To that end, we established in 2007 a CSR Promotion Project Team to coordinate and support CSR activities.
 To ensure that CSR activities proceed at the global level, there are CSR promotion teams and CSR promotion leads within our major subsidiaries. Information on activities across the world is shared within the group, and there is a system for reporting to Nintendo Co., Ltd. executives when the need arises.

(CSR Promotion System)

CSR Promotion System

Promoting Internal Understanding

 CSR promotion staff in each region regularly exchange opinions and engage in a variety of activities to ensure that each and every employee understands the importance of CSR.
 At Nintendo Co., Ltd., we hold seminars for new recruits to promote CSR understanding.
 At Nintendo of America, the CSR Committee plays a central role in training new employees and regularly issuing information through new employee orientation, events and articles shared on an intranet site.
 In fiscal year 2016, the CSR Committee at Nintendo of Europe took on the challenge of expanding the presence of the CSR pages on their corporate website to promote CSR awareness both internally and externally. In addition to making CSR information more visible and adding messages from both the president of Nintendo and Nintendo of Europe, they created a page of local activities. This information is now available in 8 languages covering 15 regions to ensure that everyone Nintendo touches in Europe understands our approach to CSR.
 In fiscal year 2015, Nintendo of Europe's UK branch established a CSR Committee, with representatives from all departments, tasked with reinvigorating a CSR focus in the UK office. The committee communicates with employees to bring CSR to the forefront and fosters the generation of CSR ideas and good practices.
 Nintendo Ibérica's cross-departmental CSR Promotion Team aims to raise CSR awareness among its employees and holds periodic meetings to advance this initiative. The team created CSR information pages on the corporate intranet and set up a dedicated email address via which employees can ask questions about CSR at any time. They also hold internal CSR seminars and feel that CSR awareness is gradually spreading among employees, as evidenced in CSR topics being discussed during break times.
 The CSR Committee at Nintendo Australia aims to raise employee interest in CSR by arranging diversity events, conducting CSR training for new recruits and issuing newsletters highlighting the CSR activities of Nintendo Australia and other subsidiaries around the world.
 Nintendo France, Nintendo Benelux and Nintendo of Europe's Italy branch also have CSR promotion staff who work to raise awareness of CSR among employees, collaborate with NGOs on various events and organize volunteer activities in which employees can participate.

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