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2011 E3 Expo Analyst Q & A Session - June 8, 2011
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Q 13   Congratulations on the controller. It looks beautiful, and I'm looking forward to seeing the experiences that it enables. Will there be some games that require two of them? It seemed to me that only one controller would be used with one piece of hardware, and I am wondering, but maybe you can't comment on this, if it will be one of the controllers that comes with the new hardware, and maybe, in some cases, a second one will be required to play cards or pick plays like with Electronic Arts' football games. Can you comment on how these devices interact with each other in a gaming context?
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  What I can say is that we are also thinking, as you imagined, that with one console you would get one of the new controllers as a complete set.

  As I am sure you can imagine, the cost of the new controller will exceed the cost of a standard controller up until now.

  Regardless of the technical question as to whether or not we could do that (use two of the new controllers), for the time being, we will focus on what we can do with a single new controller with the system.

  In the future, we may look at what other opportunities there are for gameplay and, how having two of those controllers might create fun or interesting new styles of play, but of course in doing that, it would require a consumer to purchase an additional controller. Therefore, we would need to carefully consider how we could create such an experience and, potentially, how we could ensure that there would be enough value within that experience for the consumer to accept that cost and make that purchase.

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