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Top Selling Title Sales Units

( As of September 30, 2023 )

Wii Software

  • Wii Sports

    82.90 million pcs.

    Wii Sports

  • Mario Kart Wii

    37.38 million pcs.

    Mario Kart Wii

  • Wii Sports Resort

    33.14 million pcs.

    Wii Sports Resort

  • New
    Super Mario Bros. Wii

    30.32 million pcs.

    New Super Mario Bros. Wii

  • Wii Play

    28.02 million pcs.

    Wii Play

  • Wii Fit

    22.67 million pcs.

    Wii Fit

  • Wii Fit Plus

    21.13 million pcs.

    Wii Fit Plus

  • Super Smash Bros.

    13.32 million pcs.

    Super Smash Bros. Brawl

  • Super Mario Galaxy

    12.80 million pcs.

    Super Mario Galaxy

  • Wii Party

    9.35 million pcs.

    Wii Party

*The numbers shown above are worldwide consolidated sales in units life-to-date.
*Software units include the quantity bundled with hardware or other products.
*Package images shown above are for Japanese market.

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