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Third Quarter Financial Results Briefing
for Fiscal Year Ended March 2010
Jan. 29, 2010 - Presentation by Satoru Iwata, President
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Metroid: Other M, which was also announced at E3 2009, will come out in summer 2010 for Wii. Yoshio Sakamoto, the father of Metroid franchise, Team NINJA of Techmo Inc. and the video production have joined forces to develop this new Metroid game.

We are working with MistWalker in order to seek a new form of RPG by choosing the universal theme of human emotion. Another full-scaled RPG, The Last Story, is planned to come out in 2010 for Wii.

At the E3 this year, we would like to show you a software that utilizes Wii Vitality Sensor, which we announced at last year's E3 show.

Super Mario Galaxy 2, a Mario action title in 3D world, will be launched this year.
And, we will show the new Zelda title for Wii at this year's E3.

Finally, I'd like to talk about our mid-term goal for gaming population expansion.

In our quest to expand the gaming populations, I've often explained about our focus on, and the importance of, the number of the users per household.

This is the most recent survey result. It is apparent from the data that Nintendo DS and Wii have higher number of users per household, which implies that they are likely to be played by more number of family members than other platforms. On the other hand, through our surveys, we have come to learn some issues with which we need to tackle in the mid-term. That is, how can we change for the better society's attitudes towards video games.

When we conducted our survey on the Japanese gaming population, we also researched the way Japanese people appreciate and accept forms of entertainment. So many people responded by saying that they like TV programs, movies, music and sports very much or like them to some extent, and few of them said they don't like them at all. When it comes to video games, while it seems that the public perception towards video games has significantly improved over the past few years thanks to the expansion of the gaming population, the ratio of people who responded with favorable answers was less than those for other forms of entertainment, and there are still many people who didn't like video games at all or who have no idea as to what video games are all about. One of our mid-term goals of gaming population expansion is to improve the social acceptance of video games to the level comparable to these other form of entertainments.

We did a similar survey in the U.S., and the general trend was the same. The U.S. has an even larger gaming population ratio than Japan and is considered as the country with the highest appreciation and acceptance of video games. Yet, the social acceptance of video games is equal in level to that in Japan, which is far below other forms of entertainment. These results remind me that there are plenty of things with which we still need to challenge ourselves. To reach our goal of gaming population expansion, there are still many paths on which we must continue our efforts. Having said that, however, we can look at this from another perspective and interpret the result as the industry still having room for further expansion. If we can at least convert these orange and red portions to yellow, and further yellow to light blue, we believe we can make the video game market even more active.

Thank you very much.

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