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2010 E3 Expo Analyst Q & A Session - June 16, 2010
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You already know that Wii has been very well received in the market, in part because of its appeal to previous, casual, or even non-gamers.

So the blue bars here aren’t much of a surprise. They show the U.S. life to date share of installed base, according to NPD, among the three current home systems.

The Wii share is just about that of the two others combined.

But adding the orange bars may create something of a surprise.

In February, Ipsos asked adult players…those 18 and older…how often they played their home system at least an hour or two a week.

Here, not only does Wii outpace the others in terms of play time…

But among the respondents, Wii owners actually prove to be MORE active in playing than other owners.

The share of play on Wii…is higher than its share of ownership.

Ipsos also asked people what their purchase intents were moving forward…in effect, what do you plan on buying over the next six months.

Here they included iPhones, iPods and iPod touches…but for some reason did not ask about Nintendo DS or Sony PSP.

Again, the results are very positive for Wii.

Not only is purchase intent effectively that of the PS3 and Xbox 360 combined…but this shows that as many people plan on buying a Wii…as the 360…iPhone…iPod and iPod touch—put together.

And I should add that this survey came before we announced the new Wii configuration…including BOTH Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

Of course, that configuration is just one of the things propelling Wii moving forward through 2010.

We entered the year with continued strength from both

  • New Super Mario Brothers Wii…the best selling game so far in 2010…
  • As well as Wii Sports Resort, which is the fourth best selling game year to date

These titles are two of only four titles which has sold more than a million units from January through April according to NPD.

The Netflix arrangement has resulted in a clear increase for our connectivity efforts.

In May, we launched both Super Mario Galaxy 2 and the new Wii configuration…featuring either black or white hardware, as well as both Wii Sports and Wii Sports Resort.

Super Mario Galaxy 2 is approaching 900,000 units here in the U.S.

And the black bundle is also selling quite well. We’ve now sold well over 300,000 units at this point.

And looking forward…the Wii software calendar is loaded.

Metroid: Other M lands the last day of August…

And before the year is over, we’ll launch four first party titles with incredibly wide appeal—

  • Kirby’s Epic Yarn
  • Wii Party
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns, and
  • PokePark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure

And of course, what’s not listed here are exclusive third party games like GoldenEye 007 and Disney Epic Mickey.

Christmas stockings should be bulging with our products.

On the Nintendo DS side, we’re still enjoying momentum for our current models.

Through the first four months of this year, sales in the U.S. were actually ahead of last year’s record pace.

But at E3 this week, all eyes are on Nintendo 3DS.

As you heard yesterday, not only will your game play come in 3D...but you can also take and display 3D photos...and watch 3D video, as well.

And in every case, of course, with no glasses.

As Mr. Iwata noted yesterday, third party support for Nintendo 3DS is perhaps the strongest for the launch of any hardware platform in Nintendo history.

The ‘something for everyone’ description certainly applies here.

And maybe most importantly, Mr. Miyamoto says that this is a new technology that can make new kinds of video games possible...just like Wii did.

So we’re very enthused about this new direction in handheld gaming.

We’re very happy with both our market momentum…

and our product lineup moving forward.

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