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Third Quarter Financial Results Briefing
for Fiscal Year Ending March 2011
Jan. 28, 2011
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Of course, single-player mode of "Rhythm Paradise" is enjoyable enough.  But in addition, when you see others play with the game and notice that he or she misses out on being perfectly in rhythm, it can also be surprisingly fun.  We feel that there’s got to be different attractions on "Rhythm Paradise" when you play it with a TV monitor.  We are also planning to sell this software this year.

You know that we launched “Kirby’s Epic Yarn” late last year in Japan and in the U.S.  But it’s been a while since we launched the previous home console version of the Kirby game where Kirby can inhale enemies, spit them out and morph, but a team at Hal Laboratory, Inc. is developing a new Wii game from the "Kirby’s Dreamland" franchise now.  Please watch this.

We are also planning to release this new Kirby software this year.

I said today that Ubisoft made its “JUST DANCE 2” a great hit in the U.S. and in Europe.  And now, Nintendo will help localize this software and publish it in Japan.
As you know, Nintendo has been cooperating with the third party publishers when, for example, the “Professor Layton” series was deployed in the overseas’ markets to establish itself as a popular franchise there and, last year, we cooperated in the overseas sales of “Dragon Quest IX”, which was able to make a certain level of good sales.  The challenge of this time is similar, but the situation is reversed as we are now cooperating with the original publisher to bring this big hit overseas, which we found has a good affinity with Wii, to be published in the Japanese market.

The original “007 GoldenEye” for Nintendo 64 attracted a lot of fans, and Activision developed its new iteration last year for Wii and made it a hit.  Nintendo Co., Ltd. will publish this title in Japan.

Other than these games I mentioned, Nintendo is preparing for several more Wii titles to hit this year.  We will make these announcements at later dates.

Now, we will launch Nintendo 3DS in Japan in approximately four weeks.
We have told you about various features of Nintendo 3DS.  You will be able to use some of them at the launch of the hardware and the others will be made available by updating the hardware through the network.

I would like to take this opportunity to inform you of our scheduled system updates of the hardware in detail.
The first system update is scheduled for late May, at almost the same time around the world.  Upon this update, you will be able to use some features including:
 • Nintendo eShop,
 • Transfer of Nintendo DSiWare from Nintendo DSi to Nintendo 3DS, and
 • Internet Browser.
I will describe each feature.

First, Nintendo eShop, in which you can buy software through downloads.
Nintendo eShop not only sells software, but also distributes trailers and demo versions like Nintendo Channel on Wii.
So far, Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop, which are based on internet-browser technology, have not provided the users with a sufficiently easy and accessible interface because switching from one screen to another takes time and, for Wii, promotions by Nintendo Channel and sales at Wii Shop Channel have not been closely linked.  As it is critical in digital software distribution that the software available there won't be buried and go unnoticed, and that we can prepare pleasant encounters for consumers, we will be running a drastically redesigned shop for Nintendo 3DS in which you can more comfortably purchase software through downloads.
Our goal is to make Nintendo eShop a place where you feel like stopping by and enjoying window shopping.

At Nintendo eShop, we will sell Virtual Console software, Nintendo DSiWare playable with the compatibility of Nintendo 3DS and new Nintendo 3DS software developed for download.

As we already showed you in the previous conference, in addition, we will distribute the classic games with a new 3D look, called "3D Classics."

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