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Third Quarter Financial Results Briefing
for Fiscal Year Ending March 2011
Jan. 28, 2011
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As we announced, we plan to collaborate with Nippon Television Network Corporation and with Fuji Television Network, Inc. to distribute their 3D videos to Nintendo 3DS every day through SpotPass, and this service will be available through video-playing software downloadable for free from Nintendo eShop.

Next, I would like to mention the data transfer from Nintendo DSi.
Nintendo eShop will enable you to transfer Nintendo DSiWare you bought for your Nintendo DSi to your Nintendo 3DS.
We hoped that we would be able to provide you with this function at the launch.  However, as it will be practicable through Nintendo eShop, we can't help asking you to wait for the release of Nintendo eShop after the first system update.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.

In addition, to prepare for when consumers purchase a new Nintendo 3DS, we are planning to make it possible in the future for consumers to collectively transfer the software bought through Nintendo eShop on one Nintendo 3DS system to another Nintendo 3DS system even though the total number of transfers shall be limited. 
This feature will be realized through a system update after the launch of Nintendo eShop.

Even while you are playing with Nintendo 3DS software, you can quickly display the HOME Menu to access your Game Notes, Friend list, Notifications and Internet Browser by pausing the game.  Among the functions, the Internet Browser will be made available after a system update through the network.

Let me explain with a video.

If you press the HOME button during your game play, the HOME menu screen appears.  From there, you can move to Game Notes, Friend List or Notifications.  You will be able to execute these functions by suspending a game, but without quitting it.

Game Notes enables you to write and draw notes on the lower screen while you are viewing a game on the upper screen.  You can have the upper screen display a resized screenshot of both screens, or switch between screenshots of the upper and lower screens.  Your notes can be saved to an SD card.

Friend List is a function in which Nintendo 3DS hardware systems themselves are registered as "friends."

Once you register your friends, you can see if they are online, in other words, whether they are connected to the Internet, the software they are playing and the short messages they enter.
When you are close to a Wi-Fi access point connected to the Internet and your Nintendo 3DS software is on, your Nintendo 3DS will automatically and periodically get the online status of your friends through the server and display it on your screen.

Of course, you can choose to independently determine if you are willing to notify whether or not you are online and if you are willing to disclose which software you are playing with.

In addition, when a friend of yours comes online while you are playing a game at a Wi-Fi access point, the Notification LED blinks in orange.

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