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Corporate Management Policy Briefing/
Third Quarter Financial Results Briefing
for Fiscal Year Ending March 2012
Jan. 27, 2012
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When it comes to the appeal of the Nintendo 3DS, the 3D images have been focused on. I believe, however, the actual users understand that its expanded communication methods like “StreetPass” and “SpotPass” that have a lot of potential.
These communication methods will be increasingly attractive at an accelerated pace as the platform becomes popular. For instance, most users must feel that they could more frequently experience StreetPass in the course of the penetration of the Nintendo 3DS in the year-end sales season. Also, we are expanding the places for SpotPass so that you can enjoy experiencing new types of entertainment by connecting to the Internet without any special settings.


In addition, we are aiming to significantly expand our digital business to adapt to the changes in the business conditions and to create new business opportunities.
The Internet-connection ratio of the Nintendo 3DS is approximately 60% both in Japan and the U.S., which is the highest among our handheld video game systems, and the rate of the consumers who repeatedly access the Nintendo eShop is also, by far, the highest among them.  We are still in the first stage, but we are building the foundation little by little to expand our digital business.


Furthermore, I would like to mention Nintendo Direct, our new challenge that I introduced at the last Financial Results Briefing. The number of live viewers of the webcast reached more than 100,000 and hundreds of thousands of people watched it, including its recorded version.  We have also found out that a fairly good number of people viewed it via Nintendo Channel for Wii or Nintendo eShop for Nintendo 3DS.
This challenge is changing our way of game promotion as well as the transmission of information. Specifically, after Nintendo Direct, we have been distributing 3D videos and demo versions of the software introduced on the webcast through Nintendo eShop. After watching Nintendo Direct, consumers can go to Nintendo eShop and download and actually experience 3D videos and demo versions on their Nintendo 3DS systems. This helps consumers to actively communicate with each other and deeply understand the attractions of the games.
We are still be in the process of trial and error with this new challenge, and the collaboration between Nintendo Direct and Nintendo eShop, but we believe that this can potentially help less-noted new games become known to many people.


Moreover, we are planning to progress in earnest for the release of the Nintendo 3DS in Asia in the next fiscal year.
Further information on the specific launch date and price will be announced by our local subsidiaries. Thank you for your patience.


Also in the next fiscal year, the company is planning to launch the Wii U. Regarding the Wii U, just as we have been saying until now…


We are planning to showcase the final format and discuss the details at E3 2012, which will be held in Los Angeles in the United States in June this year.

Also, soon after the E3 show, we would like to organize an opportunity in Tokyo where we can showcase the same to the Japanese wholesalers and financial analysts who cannot attend the E3 show.

As for the launch timing, we have so far stated that it shall be sometime between the E3 show and the end of this calendar year, and…


Today, I’d like to confirm that we will launch the Wii U in Japan, the U.S., Europe and Australia in time for the year-end sales season.

For the launch of new hardware, it is, of course, regarded as a sort of requisite not to miss the critical year-end sales season. The company is aiming to firmly complete the development of the entire system and prepare sufficient software so that the Wii U will be at its best at the time of the launch. Needless to say, we have learned a bitter lesson from the launch of the Nintendo 3DS.


Already by now, the Wii U is known for its new controller with a screen, among other features.  For this controller, please be advised that we have decided to install a NFC function.

As many of you know, NFC is the acronym for Near Field Communication, which is a set of standards to establish radio communication in close proximity. The NFC I’m referring to here is the noncontact NFC standard that is compatible with FeliCa and MIFARE, and is expected to be widely used around the world in the near future.

By installing this functionality, it will become possible to create cards and figurines that can electronically read and write data via noncontact NFC and to expand the new play format in the video game world. Adoption of this functionality will enable various other possibilities such as using it as a means of making micropayments. 


As the final topic of today, I’d like to spend a little time talking about the new network service from Nintendo, which has something to do with the subject of micropayments using NFC that I have just mentioned.

As those of you who have enjoyed playing “Mario Kart 7” that we launched late last year should know, its online competition mode includes the system called “Communities.” Each player can create his or her own online “Community” and decide the rules and conditions of the races to be conducted there, and anyone who enters the designated “Community number,” can join to enjoy the matches there. With that system, the company is offering a new kind of network service, which is different from the network services Nintendo has been offering under the name of Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

For “Mario Kart 7,” we have already started using as the name of this new network service…


…“Nintendo Network” Service

The Nintendo Network service is our network platform which will cover the Nintendo 3DS and the Wii U.

Unlike Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection, which has been focused upon specific functionalities and concepts, we are aiming to establish a platform where various services available through the network for our consumers shall be connected via Nintendo Network service so that the company can make comprehensive proposals to consumers.

For example, competitions and communication among users, as well as the sales of digital content, will be covered within the Nintendo Network.


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