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Financial Results Briefing
for Fiscal Year Ended March 2012
Apr. 27, 2012
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In addition, in order to make the Nintendo 3DS a platform which can maintain its momentum throughout the term …


We absolutely need to keep the vitality of evergreen titles and release new key titles seamlessly.

As products are getting old-fashioned in a shorter time these days, we have to make anticipated titles available in the market at a faster pace, and continue to vitalize the evergreen titles. We sometimes take criticism that first-party titles have too strong a presence in the market on Nintendo platforms. However, we have a belief that a platform holder has an important role to popularize the platform by releasing first-party software which can drive the sales of the platform. We will try to keep the momentum for the Nintendo 3DS during the full term in order to achieve our goal.


Regarding evergreen titles, “SUPER MARIO 3D LAND” and “Mario Kart 7” which were released in the last year-end have established themselves as popular titles in each country they are sold in around the world, and we will take various actions to maintain their vitality in the full fiscal term. In addition to these titles, we will support Capcom’s “Monster Hunter 3 (Tri) G” (Japanese title) selling well in Japan as an evergreen title. In other countries, we will keep vitalizing the titles, including “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D” and “nintendogs+cats,” as a must-buy with the purchase of the hardware.


It is generally said that game titles for skilled players sell a lot in a fairly short period of time after their launch and it is difficult for them to be long-sellers. We will nevertheless make “Kid Icarus: Uprising,” which was released worldwide last month and has been highly appraised by users, known to consumers who like action games into an evergreen title.

In addition, regarding “Fire Emblem Kakusei” (Japanese title), which was released last week in Japan, its initial sales figure reached the record-high in the series since the GameBoy Advance and we have received a lot of messages from the Club Nintendo members that they bought a game from the series after a long interval. Although we have not decided on a plan to release it overseas, we hope to further increase its sales.


Also, we are going to release “Pokémon Black Version 2” and “Pokémon White Version 2,” the latest titles from the “Pokémon” series, in June in Japan and in the coming autumn overseas. These titles are for the Nintendo DS, but you can play them with the Nintendo 3DS too. You can enjoy them more on the Nintendo 3DS with “Pokémon AR Searcher” (Japanese title) and “Pokémon Zenkokuzukan Pro” (Japanese title) scheduled to be downloadable through the Nintendo eShop. We consider them important products to boost the momentum of the Nintendo 3DS.


On Nintendo Direct last week, we announced the release of “New Super Mario Bros. 2” in August. We plan to launch it in the U.S. and European markets in the same month.

Some people say that this software will be released earlier than expected. Last year, we failed to keep the momentum of the Nintendo 3DS from summer to autumn until the release of two “Mario” titles in the European and U.S. markets, which delayed the beginning of the year-end sales season and we eventually missed our goal of the sales forecast for the full fiscal term. We plan to launch the Wii U in this year-end sales season, so we decided to release this new title in August to vitalize the market from this summer to autumn.


On Nintendo Direct last week, we also announced the Japanese autumn release of the latest title from the much-anticipated “Animal Crossing” series, which has marked a specifically great performance in Japan. At later date, we will let you know when we will release it overseas.


Additionally, we are developing “Onitore” (temp.), the software to train your concentration and working memories, with Prof. Kawashima at Tohoku University. We will release it in summer in Japan, and overseas afterwards.


Here are the first-party software titles we have already announced. We will release them in a timely manner.

As we also have some unannounced titles to be released for this fiscal term, we are surely able to provide a fairly rich lineup of first-party software for this fiscal year. In addition, …


Here you can see the game titles which have been introduced on Nintendo Direct in and out of Japan and are to be released by third-party software developers. The lineup will be enriched more and more in the future.

Looking at the overseas market, the software lineup is becoming rich as we introduced on Nintendo Direct in Europe. New titles will be announced at E3 furthermore. As I mentioned in the Corporate Management Policy Briefing in January …


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