Fox McCloud

A capable leader who commands the unquestioning loyalty of the Star Fox team.

Falco Lombardi

An ace pilot who enjoys a friendly rivalry with Fox.

Peppy Hare

A seasoned veteran whose cool head and wisdom holds the team together.

Hints to help you
find hidden medals
can be found within
this manual!

Slippy Toad

A somewhat jittery type who is prone to errors, but it's hard to dislike him.


An advocate of the old maxim, "The best defense is a good offense".


The daughter of an aristocratic family, she has relinquished high society and taken up arms to defend her home planet.

Mysterious Mercenary Squadron, Star Wolf

Not much is known about the shadowy squad of unscrupulous mercenaries known as Star Wolf. Bankrolled by Andross, this four-person team are wanted and feared throughout the galaxy, and will stop at nothing to achieve their goals.

Wolf O'Donnell
This despicable criminal will betray anyone for the right price.

Leon Powalski
An inscrutable and sinister alien.

Pigma Dengar
Arrogant and cruel, and possessed of a fiendish strength.

Rumoured to be the most devious creature in the cosmos, he exploits the weaknesses of his targets with merciless precision.

Behind the Scenes ❶

The artwork is brand new!

This game was developed as a sequel to the original Star Fox game, and though completed, it was never released. Because of this, it never had a manual or packaging.

To mark the release of the game on the Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Nintendo Entertainment System, a member of the original development team - the designer from the first game on - was brought back in to do the illustrations. The artwork of the first Star Fox game was done using photographs of puppets, but for the revival of this long-lost second game, a very different style was chosen!

You can download artwork of the Star Fox team (including new members Miyu and Fay) to use on your smart device. How about using it for your standby screen?


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