This game is played by identifying targets on the map screen and engaging them in battle view.

Map Screen

This screen gives an overview of the Lylat system. Move the cursor with the +Control Pad and press the B Button to send your Arwings towards that point. Selecting a new target and pressing the B Button again will change your Arwings' course. Your craft and those of the enemy will move simultaneously. If they meet you will leave the map screen and enter battle view.

  1. 1

    Occupied planet
  2. 2

    Enemy battle carrier on course for Corneria
  3. 3

    Enemy unit on course for Corneria
  4. 4

    Missile on course for Corneria
  5. 5

  6. 6

    Mothership (repairs damaged craft)
  7. 7

    Satellite system
    (Cornerian defense installation equipped with laser cannon)

· The type and number of craft in an enemy unit is displayed when you highlight it with the cursor.

· Arwings and enemy craft do not start moving until you press the B Button.

Learn to read the movement of enemies on the map screen well, and take out those closest to Corneria first.

Battle View

In battle view, the number of enemies remaining is shown on the TARGET display. While on planets, these targets also include fortresses containing reactors, switches that reveal those fortresses and other such elements.

  1. 1

  2. 2

    Remaining targets
  3. Shows the number of targets remaining in the area.
  4. 3

  5. Displays the time elapsed since the commencement of battle.
  6. 4

  7. Displays objects in the immediate vicinity of your craft.
  8. 5

    Altitude gauge
  9. 6

    Blaster charge gauge
  10. Hold down the B Button to charge your blaster. Once the gauge is full you can fire off a power-blaster shot, but if you take damage while charging, the gauge will empty. Charging speed varies depending on which type of Arwing you are piloting.
  11. 7

    Shield meter
  12. The indicators go from blue, to yellow, to red as you incur damage. When all indicators have gone red, one more hit will cause your craft to explode. The strength of your shield varies depending on which type of Arwing you are piloting.
  13. 8

    Special item
  14. Shows the type of special item you have equipped, and how many uses you have remaining.
  15. 9

    Enemy damage
  16. Indicates the amount of damage you've inflicted on enemy bosses.
  17. 10

    Damage to Corneria
  18. Shows the damage inflicted to Corneria when it is attacked.
Defeating the Forces of Andross

On planets, the objective is to destroy the reactors found inside enemy fortresses. In order to gain access to these fortresses, it may be necessary to activate a switch first. Switches are triggered in various ways, such as by applying force, using blasters or stepping on them while in Walker mode.

When engaging a battle carrier, you must approach and infiltrate it in order to find its reactor. Whether on a planet or taking on a battle carrier, you will have to defeat many enemies before you can get to the reactor.

· While in battle view, the enemies on the map screen will continue to move towards Corneria, albeit slower than they do while the map screen is being viewed.

Mission Example

  1. 1

    You select a destination on the map screen - the meteor base!
  2. 2

    You receive a mission brief from General Pepper.
  3. 3

    You have two targets. Seek them out one by one, and find that fortress!
  4. 4

    Target acquired - engage! First, activate the switch by stepping on it while in Walker mode.
  5. 5

    Once the switch is activated, the ✕ symbols will change to ○ symbols.
  6. 6

    The full form of the fortress is at last revealed. Infiltrate it, and find and destroy the reactor at its core!

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