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Third Quarter Financial Results Briefing
for Fiscal Year Ending March 2016
Feb. 3, 2016

Next, I would like to talk about the status of download sales.
This graph shows download sales from the latest three fiscal years through the third quarter of this fiscal year.
Total download sales from the first quarter to the third quarter totaled 30.5 billion yen. This increase is mainly due to add-on content inside games.
Without including the upcoming fourth quarter results, we are already close to achieving sales of the previous fiscal year total.

This is the breakdown of download sales by region through the third quarter of the previous fiscal year and this fiscal year. You can see that the sales figures for each region exceeded those of the previous fiscal year. Especially significant is the growth rate of The Americas ? the yellow part of the graph.
The Americas accounts for around half, followed by Japan and Europe.

This slide shows top selling download titles excluding download versions of packaged software.
In particular, add-on content for Super Smash Bros. and Mario Kart 8 made large contributions.
We will continue to release attractive add-on content maximizing features of each software title since they help maintain software usage rate and keep the title at the center of conversation.

And now, I would like to dicuss Nintendo’s new membership service and our new business on smart devices.

We will globally start the new membership service called “My Nintendo” this March.
My Nintendo is Nintendo's comprehensive service that all consumers with a Nintendo Account can access.

My Nintendo will offer services which make Nintendo's game experiences even more fun and more convenient, and that provide enhanced value for members.
We are planning to provide similar services for the new entertainment experiences that Nintendo will offer beyond gaming in the future.

In Japan, we were running “Club Nintendo” membership services until September 30 of last year. Club Nintendo was the traditional loyalty program which provided consumers with rewards as they purchased our products.
The service is to be reborn as My Nintendo. While this also includes a rewards element, it is a new and much more comprehensive service.

Before the start of My Nintendo services, Nintendo Co., Ltd. started accepting Nintendo Account registrations last December, which is the prerequisite to become a member of My Nintendo. As a result, we have already started to provide registrants in Japan with some My Nintendo services before its global start in March.

We have been providing the Japanese Nintendo Account registrants with messages which are crafted for each of them based on their profile, purchase records and play records.
As an example, we are providing information relating to add-on content for the titles that registrants already own, as well as some special offers and gifts from Nintendo Co., Ltd.

One offer is what is called “Just For You Offer” discounts. Since we started offering Nintendo Accounts in Japan, we have been offering special discounts to all of the registrants tailored to their individual profiles.
For example, we started offering all the Nintendo Account registrants a “Birthday Special Discount.” Furthermore, for the registrants who have played certain games, we are offering them personalized recommendations for their next game that we believe they will like, together with a “Just For You Offer” discount.” This is one way in which we are aiming to increase the satisfaction of consumers that have a Nintendo Account.

*We are also sending “Recommended for You” information and some “Just For You Offer” discount messages to consumers who have connected a Nintendo Network ID to their Wii U or Nintendo 3DS system.


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