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Third Quarter Financial Results Briefing
for Fiscal Year Ending March 2016
Feb. 3, 2016

Also, Nintendo Co., Ltd has already integrated the system with our Japanese website so that as soon as our registrants have expressed interest in software introduced on the website, they can purchase the software on the spot, and the game will be downloaded onto their game system automatically.
(Note: To purchase online and download the software onto your Wii U or Nintendo 3DS system, your Nintendo Account must be linked with a Nintendo Network ID.) 

We will formally kick off My Nintendo services globally in March this year. Everyone who has created a Nintendo Account by that time will become a My Nintendo member when My Nintendo services formally start.

My Nintendo at the formal launch will start as a points-based rewards program, which can be used both on dedicated game systems and smart devices.

My Nintendo will be a brand new and unique service from Nintendo, which has been deploying its business on dedicated game systems and will now expand its business to include apps for smart devices. My Nintendo will serve as a bridge between Nintendo experiences on both dedicated systems and smart devices.

For the new rewards program, we are preparing two types of points.
We will offer Platinum Points when consumers play smart device apps, when they log onto Nintendo eShop or when they meet certain conditions. We will offer Gold Points for digital purchases of Wii U and Nintendo 3DS games.
In the case of the previous Club Nintendo, we offered points, or “coins,” as a result of our members' purchasing and registering our products. For My Nintendo, the points are gained by members not only as the result of their digital purchases but also as the result of their activities, such as playing games and apps, and interacting with information from Nintendo.

You can exchange your Platinum Points for a range of digital content which will be considered valuable by consumers.
As for Wii U and Nintendo 3DS, you will not receive points as a result of playing the digital games, but you can earn them by logging onto Nintendo eShop.

Gold Points can be exchanged for discount coupons to purchase digital software for Wii U or Nintendo 3DS.
By offering the two different types of points, Platinum and Gold, we will provide our consumers with two forms of value, “fun” and “good deals.”
(Note:To receive these services on your Wii U or Nintendo 3DS, your Nintendo Account must be linked with a Nintendo Network ID.)

My Nintendo will officially begin with the points reward program, and we will expand services in the future, further enriching the overall entertainment experiences Nintendo will offer its fans.

At the outset, we are planning to deploy My Nintendo in the 39 countries that you can see on this slide. We are planning to gradually expand the number of countries.

By now, I have explained to you about My Nintendo. For the future of the Nintendo business, and in order for us to increase our contact with our consumers and expand the opportunities where they will consider the purchase of our products and services, it is important for us that as many people as possible create Nintendo Accounts and in turn, become My Nintendo members.

Launching alongside My Nintendo, we will release Miitomo as our first smart device application.
Miitomo is an entertainment application which turns communication among friends into a form of “play.” After the release, we hope many will wonder why this sort of app had never existed before.

In Miitomo, your “Mii” look-alike character appears as your “alternate self” within your smart device.
All of you must have had the enjoyable experience of being prompted by a friend to talk about something that you might not normally bring up in the course of your conversation. Mii characters facilitate this kind of social play structure with Miitomo.
Unlike most communication apps, with which you are supposed to proactively dispatch your message, in Miitomo, talkative Mii characters will automatically spark unique conversations and help friends connect on random, fun and light-hearted topics.

I believe you will experience a fresh new feeling with Miitomo.


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