But, in the end people will get tired of any product. Even in this industry, I think some people may be wondering if this is a "temporary fad." I myself do not believe that simply continuing today’s endeavors will further accelerate a gaming population expansion, and sustain the current extraordinary sales situation of every week appearing to be a “holiday sales week.” In order to prevent this from being a passing phenomenon, ....

We will initiate a 3rd step to expand the gaming population.

The theme for this step is "Continuous Gaming Population Expansion."

As I discussed last year, we had set three themes for Wii when we started developing the machine. As far as changing the relationship between family and game machine is concerned, now that the number of in-house users is increasing, it is demonstrating some real results. As for changing the relationship between TV and game machine, we have also seen some progress because, according to the same research I mentioned before, 83% of the households with Wii are keeping Wii hardware in their living rooms. So the remaining question here is, what will become of the relationship between the Internet and TV?

Although an Internet Connection ratio of about 40% for Wii must really be something, it still shows that the majority of Wii owners have not yet connected their Wii hardware with the Internet. Wii was designed so that a wider variety of additional fan experiences is only available if it is connected with the Internet. Our own research shows that people with Internet connections are more satisfied with Wii than non-Internet connection users. We know that we have to intensify our efforts to further increase Internet connections.